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The 3 c’s of cutting

  Welcome to all who stopped in and will be reading this!

I want to discuss the 3 c’s of haircutting Control, Calculation, & Cut. These rues are generally for the newcomer to haircutting it can even help the most seasoned vet to tighten up those technical skills. The 3 c’s are explained as follows:


This is one of the most important aspects of haircutting because without control you leave your guest with a horrible haircut. Here’s what i mean by Control! Every individual has what is called a growth pattern this determines in which way the hair grows. When combing the hair out from the root we must determine the stream of the hair growth. While some hair stream goes forward others can take a reverse direction of growth or even a lateral way of growth.

Control is where i comb/brush the hair in it’s natural way of growth so there will be no miscues when cutting the hair. I’ve made the mistake once maybe twice of plugging a hole in someones head, and witnessed others do it on multiple occasions.

Cotrol also ensures a smooth transition between blend lines. Brush/comb area cutting for a proper guage on the blend process. Cutting no more or no less of the necessary clippings. Before you make the cut on any area of the head ask yourself, Do i have control?


Here is where we make a decision how much is going? and how will it be removed?

Hair is described as Coarse, Medium, and Fine so results will vary when cutting depending on it’s density. When making your calculations I advise you to work your way in from the largest guard down to the smallest. The rules is you can always remove more but once it’s gone you can’t put it back!

Thin hair has less hair per sq. inch so when cutting thin hair it may appear lower then expected when a cut is made. So the importance is to calculate How much to leave for styling purposes.

Will you cut with scissors or clippers? Will you use shear over comb, finger work, clipper over comb, or plain clipper cut? When i find out the way the hair grows, and how i will attack the haircut it’s time to cut!


Now the fun part begins! We make the cut. This is where we take our time and stick to our calculations. If it’s thin hair we take off a little until we reach desired length. Thick hair is a little easier to recover when a mistake is made, however using the same safety precaution should be used.

Technique comes with practice I suggest mastering the clippers before moving to scissors and when both are masteres enter in the shear over comb technique along with the clipper over comb technique. When it comes to cutting it’s important to remember that you will always get better the more you practice. Challenge your skills at every chance you get.

This is just a quick lesson on cutting. Stay tuned for more instruction and demostrations!

Thanks for reading,

Shannon kamal


How to combat slow days in the shop

 Having control of your own business is a great accomplishment, a person should be proud of such milestone. As a Barber, styling is our business and we do have dead spots so  I want to discuss just how to combat slow days in the shop. With ownership comes the need to understand that business is about peaks and valleys. Here are three quick and easy steps to keep you busy on the slowest of shop days.

Do Shop chores

Downtime is the perfect time to get caught up in anything that needs to be done around the shop. Hey if the shop is dead it’s the perfect time to pull the reception couch/chairs out and sweep up. Shining the base of the chairs are overlooked in the shop so if no one is in take this time to put a nice polished shine on the base giving a new feel to the shop.

Shiny items gives a glamorous feel and when people feel glamorous they spend more (not o a fact just my spin and it makes me feel good). Clean the glass windows and all mirrors in the shop to give a clean presence from the outside in. Clean your clippers and organize your station thoroughly. Keeping your clippers clean and oiled regularly keeps them in optimal running condition.

Market & Network

With the technological advantages these days marketing and networking have been made easy with the creation of social networks, and platforms. Building a portfolio has transitioned to showcasing your work online for the world to see. Use these slow times to your advantage.

Think of promotions and deals to get people through the door on slow days i, e discount days, tenth cut free, complimentary services etc. Use photos of your work as leverage and post to social media to gain the attention of possible future guest. Although business cards are professional, an online presence is just as important and maybe more so POST, MARKET, and POST!

Get organized

Organization is a priority when you are in charge of the business. It’s time to be a legit barber so get together your book of guest and how often they come in & what they spend. This can be used for tax purposes during the quarterly C.P.A visit. When you become legit and paying taxes you’re now a professional by the books. If anything ever came up you would have proof of income and not just a bunch of unaccounted cash. Keeping records will make you want to grow your business as you can watch the numbers as they grow and decline giving you motivation to take action either way. Keep all of your receipts of purchases that you used to complete your job, these can be used during tax time as a write off. Getting organized shows you are serious about your affairs and create avenues of advancement when the opportunity arises.

In Closing

This is just a short list to help you keep busy when slow, keep in mind slow periods cannot be avoided so use that time wisely. Keep these tips and enjoy a smooth operating business and watch as it grows!

Besides………….. this beats getting caught sleeping in a chair if a guest just happens to walk in!

Stay professional, keep busy, stay social

Shannon kamal

Time to get rid of these used razor blades

The wet shave was once a tradition passed down from father to son. As times changed the art of the wet shave was soon lost only to revive itself and comeback with some minor adjustments!


There was a time when the straight razor was sharpened and cleaned manually. One blade a thousand strokes and just the person stroking. That’s when things were a lot simpler and easy. For the barbers of today the razor handle was invented to take disposable razor blades to complete a  more safe and sanitary task of shaving.

Disposable razor blades

Do not get me wrong this may be alot more convenient way to shave because once the blade dulls you just replace it instead of the old way of stroping and honing.


Razor blades come double sided or pre-cut and they are loaded into the handle ready to be used. I’ll demonstrate how to load them at a later date.

Most barbers use one blade per guest and that can add up quick depending on how much your razor tool is used. So what is the best way to dispose of these iitems? We can’t just throw them in the trash someone can cut themselves handling the bag. I suppose we can schedule a sharps material pick up, but who do you call for a job like that? Besides thisisn’t diabetic needles these are razor blades.

Well here is the safest way to rid yourself of used razors!


Disposal Procedure

This procedure is done to ensure you are getting rid of harmful material safely. You’ll need an aluminum can, cardboard, and some duct tape. A pair of scissors may be needed to help cut the tape. Cut your cardboard to the size of the opening of the can. Make sure the can is cleaned out and ready to use. The duct tape is to make sure the top stays covered.



Using an empty aluminum can with the cover place the razors inside filling it to the top place the cover on top to close the can. Use the duct tape to keep the cover in place.



Take your piece of cardboard cut to fit and duct tape the cardboard over the cover vertically and horizontally closing the can,




Make sure the tape is completely covering the top to keep all objects inside of the container. The sharps are now ready to be disposed of in your regular trash.

Properly disposal of razor blades is an important task as it ensures the safety of those around us and the ones who collect our garbage. A professional will always Maintain proper safety practices and service the public with caution.

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick guide on how to Properly dispose of razor blades.

In closing

The traditional straight razor is still a very beutiful tool while the wet shave is truly an art form to be appreciated. Before using any type of razor I recommend seeking professional guidance first!

Til next time,

Shannon kamal

Fact: You can always ask your barber for a new blade!

Are you an inconsistent barber?

The inconsistent Barber

<===This barber is one with NO direction or        purpose in the profession.

I must confess that I at one point was on the road of becoming a barber with no direction. I knew I wanted to cut hair, and I knew it would take some time to build a proper base following. However, the bills were only becoming more steady than the income.

This is where panic set in and anxiety took over! For the first time in my life the money wasn’t a steady flow. So I took action on impulse and begin looking for a part-time job to supplement my income. Sounds like a smart, responsible thing to do right? Wrong! Here’s why.

By taking away from the man-hours of actual footwork and trench work to promote my services I was relying on a 9-5 to provide my income. The funny part is back in 2012 I promised myself to never work for another again and here I was seeking that exact thing. There was some part-time work I found the supplement I needed in the cash flow. Not only was there a making up of income I now had pocket money. This was the lure that could have destroyed my barber career. What seemed to be a good thing bought about some guilt when I would get messages from customers that they came by and I wasn’t there. It got annoying as I sent out notifications of my new shop schedule some just couldn’t accept my path.

I began to realize while working this job it was more of a liability than an asset. There was a lack of leadership, and horrible procedure training. After a few disputes with the “boss” I felt my personality may be too strong for a job that doesn’t have a good management system. The first time I was sent home was the last this is why I cannot work for anyone.

Still pretty slow around the shop I was baited into taking a job to teach future beauty professionals. I thought it would be great for me as it was tied to my industry and gave me more credentials as an educator. Well that job just turned out let’s say just a little too unorganized and rude for my liking. The only thing that remained true was my barbering career. The career that I have been neglecting for an extra few bucks.

By this time a rush of new foot traffic hit the area. I didn’t pay enough attention to prepare for this influx so when it happened I wasn’t able to accept it. Instead of building my brand and promoting continuously I left my fields without care so when the rain came to increase my harvest I wasn’t able to increase my harvest. My inconsistency put a damper on my growth, and that was a mistake that I will never let happen again.

Avoiding the plague of inconsistency

Inconsistency comes from a seed of laziness and lack in concentration. To stay clear of this trait we must have focus on what is it that we really want. I wanted to be able to save money and begin investing but I let panic make my decisions. I didn’t trust the process of growth. My concentration was lost on getting better and giving great services putting quality over quantity. When you put focus on detail and get to work making it a reality the rest will begin to happen. You can only do ONE thing so much before you perfect it and be sought out for that consistent work.

Whatever it is you are doing you have to find a passion for it or it will always be a drag to do. Stay engulfed in trying to be better at every turn. Your last cut wasn’t your best so make that next one the BEST just to give it your best with each and every cut thereafter. Be willing to learn from everyone and pay close attention to the humble individuals those are the ones you learn more from. Find inspiration from a barber that you believe to be the best.

Make goals consistently

This helps keeping a consistent attitude. Short term goals help you move toward a long term goal. So ask yourself. What do you really want to do? What do you expect? How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to get it? Are you ready to lose? From here you can be realistic to the goals you make which means its more likely you will find success in completion.

The key is to begin breaking bad habits and creating good ones. Consistently seek something new to learn to challenge yourself by coming out of your comfort zone. With every mistake comes a moment to learn what not to do on the next go round.

Choosing not to be inconsistent

Ultimately the choice to be inconsistent is yours to make. You have to decide to be better at WHATEVER it is we do in life. What are we doing to ensure we are our best selves? Consistency goes a long way when it comes to life. The consistent gets better results because they refuse to give up! The inconsistent usually drifts through life without creating roots, when there are no roots there can be NO strength.

To be successful in the world of barbering there needs to be patience or passion. In some cases it may take a while to grow trustworthy with the public. Patience provides a calm that helps as it gives you what is needed to build a sustainable following to feed your family. Passion is what drives the machine when things do not look prosperous. Passion becomes the fuel to succeed because being a barber is all you want to be, and nothing will stop that! Consider it a blessing to have both Passion & Patience because you will find success more pleasantly.

Are you an inconsistent barber

Yes means you are being honest and that is the first step to redemption to those who seek it. No means you’re on the right track and I advise you to stay consistent and thrive!

To be a success, I suggest some habit breaking exercises to being more consistent. Write down task to do on a daily basis. Complete these task by days out every day. To obtain consistent behavior than change is required and training yourself is what it takes.

In closing

One chapter of inconsistency doesn’t have to be the whole book When you find yourself in this phase just pick up the slack. But I advise you to be honest, and keep an open ear to learn. It doesn’t matter how long you have been a barber there is always something new to learn.

I found myself around an inconsistent barber who believed to know it all and I found that I was becoming the same way. This person claimed to be barbering for 30+ years and did work as if he was just beginning. That couldn’t be me so I began to remove myself from this person arena, built a cocoon where I began studying my field and honing my craft!

I found my product was improving my base was moving on a slow incline which is better than a decline, and I found happiness in thinking of new ways to market and promote my services. Now I have to trust the process watch my spending and prepare my field for the next season of rain to increase my harvest! Promising myself never to go back on my word to never be employed by anyone again.

I hope this reading will inspire someone to become consistent with whatever they set out to do!

Shannon Kamal

My 5 star wahl foil shaver review!

My thoughts about the wahl foil shaver.

Shaving can be a troubling chore! Without the proper education, tools, and technique serious damage to the skin can occur. This article will be my thoughts, and findings on the wahl foil shaver to give you my professional opinion in helping find an electric razor.

price: 59.99-70.00.

Who can use it? Professional stylist/barber or anyone who shaves

creator: wahl corporation

warranty: 1 year limited manufacturers

rating: 9/10

best place to buy Amazon

Introducing the foil shaver

wahl foil shaver is an electric razor used to remove unwanted hair from the face or head! It offers an on the go shave when you don’t have time to wet shave. Coming with an option to recharge the battery you never have to worry about buying batteries for power.

The machine comes with a charging cord, foil shaving head, cutting bar, cleaning brush, and an operators manual. The manual gives you the specifications and care instructions to keep your tool running at its optimal performance

Lightweight and compact in size the wahl foil shaver is easy to grip while giving a comfortable shave. A flat on/off switch against the body completes the design making it not only easy to control but makes operation a breeze.

Using the foil shaver.

The five star can be used corded or cordless! I prefer giving it a good charge and using it cordless. Give me better range!

For best results the face or head to be shaved should be cleansed from ALL dirt or debris. There a two ways to use this machine!

1. Hair shaper

2. Shaving/balding

as a hair shaper use this tool to finish cuts by removing fly aways giving your style a clean polished look!

As a shaver cut the hair to a 5 o’clock shadow (stubble) or s close as you can with trimmers. Prep the area with a pre-shave solution for electric razors. Using little to moderate pressure pass the razor over the skin in a painting motion.

Do not use the razor if the foil is chipped or cracked!

Foil maintenance

The upkeep of all electric tools is very important for longevity purposes.

The foil head is easily removable with the push of a button on the side. The cutting blade is removed with a push down and a turn either way.The brush given is used to knock off all dirt and hairs that are trapped on the cutting bar. Warm soapy water is used to clean the instruments cutting blade and foil. Let air dry and it’s ready for the next use!

its recommended to change the cutting bar every 6 months, however it depends on how often it is used will determine this!

Pros v. Cons


can be used on all hair types

powerful battery

easy to clean & disassemble

gives a really close shave


delicate foil chips or cracks if dropped

claims to give a bump free shave (not for everyone)


I have found the wahl five star foil shaver to be a necessity in my arsenal of tools. It gives a close shave with minimal irritation if used correctly, and it’s easy maintain. What I like most about foil shaver is the compact design that sits ever so snug in my hands for easy control!

I have been using this shaver/shaper for about 5 yrs now and it hasn’t failed me yet. From shaping loose ends to cleaning an area completely I recommend the purchase of the wahl five star foil shaver!

thank you for reading and I hope this has helped your search.

Shannon Kamal

Education on FAROUK CHI Products

Product knowledge

=====> The key to success is to never cease learning, and take action to learn often!=========>

FAROUK CHI products will be the subject to add in your cache of education to further your career!

Monday July 17th 5pm & Tuesday July 18th 10am

Have you heard of FAROUK?

This line has been around since I was in school and I remember the craze that came with the brand. When was the last time you learned a new product? Do you believe in trying new products? If yes how often do you try new products? If the answer was no then I hope it isn’t because you’re a GRAND MASTER OF PRODUCTS!

We all can gain to learn something new everyday to advance our career! If we’re in school education is mandatory to become employable. Come out and participate in this PK event hosted by:

East Boston Beauty Academy

4 Neptune rd.

East boston, Ma 02128

Farouk CHI products will be showcasing an arsenal of styling and maintenance Product for all levels of expertise to use! Whether you are a future professional or a practicing professional, and looking for some fresh education this class will suit that need.

There are some styling AIDS that chi offers that I really hope they showcase. The pliable polish by chi is a product I hope they bring for me to purchase and give it a try! There is also the color line that was rolled out I hope to gain some knowledge on how to use it. Color is an area of focus for me nowadays as I try to become a better stylist.

When it comes to new product I find myself to be as a kid in a candy store! Without products I find that  my work can truly suffer. To have the knowledge on as many lines can help me better serve any customer that I encounter.

I hope some of you come out and take advantage of an educational opportunity that Farouk chi products will bring forth.

See you there,

Shannon Kamal


The truth about waves


Today I will like to discuss real quick about waves! There is a fad going around on YouTube where kids call themselves Wavers!

It reminds me of the movie the outsiders where one gang was called the socials, and the others were called the greasers.

Now this community of kids put out videos on how to get waves, and they gain massive amounts of followers due to the knowledge they have on “getting waves”.

I am here to let you guys know that there is no such thing as a science to getting waves. You pretty much just follow three rules. Brush, moisturizer, and keep clean.

What is a wave?

Truth is a wave is just a curl pattern if you have any type of curl you can possess waves. If you don’t have any curls it is going to be extremely hard to get your hair to wave.

What starts as a coil is laid down and made a wave through brushing the hair and training it to lay down. THATS IT! There is no secret to it, no special product or technique.

Some can get waves easier than others because the state of hair is already wavy. One thing that remains constant is brushing your hair and using your choice of product to hold the style in place or to add shine.



There are a few products I recommend because I believe in using the best ingredients around to keep the hair and scalp healthy above all.

Its important to own at least two brushes that are made of boar bristle which is great for distributing oils through the strand of hair. One reinforced bristle brush and another medium/soft bristle brush depending on hairs texture. Fine, coarse, or medium. The finer the hair the softer your bristles should be and vice versa!

I recommend using the reinforced brush in the shower while shampooing and conditioning with a paraben and sulfate free product!

Parabens and sulfates can dry the hair out leaving waves hard to manage.

From there brushing is required to achieve a wavy appearance.

Product is important when we are talking about hold and shine. Although they assist in styling waves they do not give you waves. Again waves are just laid down curls.

A pomade free of petrolatum is highly recommended as petro tends to collect dust and coat the cuticle causing dirt and debris to collect and cause irritation.

A head covering is needed but not vital for the production of waves. As long as it is made of nylon fabric any Durag will do as it is just to keep your style in place. Some trust caps while other enjoy durags. It is a matter of preference so try both and see which fits your liking best!

I do want to warn you that wave caps have a shorter life span than durags! Tsurags seem to be top of the line to purchase when it comes to quality but any Durag will do!


To obtain waves it takes patience, discipline, and consistency! Brush, clean, and repeat. There are many products you can use it’s just finding your preference. However the constant is to always brush the hair to train the curl to present a wavy appearance. Mechanical memory is what we call it in the stylist arena!

That concludes today’s topic I hope you’ve enjoyed and I hope you come back next time as I’ll be discussing what hair type do you have?

thanks for stopping by,

Shannon kamal

The arsenal of tools
Tools of the trade for the beginning barber!

The right tool makes a world of difference!

Hello guest, followers, and friends!

To cut hair efficiently it is imperative to learn the tools of the trade. Here I will discuss tool selection and how they are used to create different styles and looks. Every barber has a go to clipper that will always give them the best results. You will have to experiment with different brands to find your go to clipper. I’m going to give you the trusted brands used in the male grooming industry.

Tool selection

To better serve your needs I’m going to break the selections down into 2 classes.

Class A: clipper trimmer set, comb, brush

The clipper

This is for the individual at home who needs to stay tight in between barber visits, or to have around the dorm for those quick last minute clean ups. To suit this person a regular rotary clipper would suffice.

I suggest the Oster fast feed clipper with an adjustable blade. This clipper is to be used on dry hair only and comes with attachment combs to achieve desired lengths. Easy to clean and maintain this clipper has the lasting power to endure the test of time. This clipper can be used for blending hair and cutting the hair to any desired length with the simple use of an attachment. It’s a lightweight piece of equipment with the ability to adjust the cutting length with the use of a lever on its side. A toothbrush can be used to clean the hair from the teeth of the blades while clipper oil is used to keep the blades in good working condition. After each use a drop of oil is recommended.

The trimmer

For finishing, dry shaving, and detail the andis Styliner II is my recommend. This trimmer tends to have a long lasting motor with a durable housing. With the proper maintenance this clipper can last a lifetime. With proper tuning and correct adjustment on the blade set sharp lineups and clean hair removal can be achieved with ease. Its powerful motor and durable casing this piece of equipment is easily my favorite trimmer to have at all times. In fact the first pair of trimmers I owned was a pair of styliners given to me by my brother in 2002! So as you can see I am speaking from first hand knowledge.Andis Styliner trimmersThey do sell clipper/trimmer combo sets and I recommend you to try one of those just to become familiar with the equipment before making an investment. You will find out quickly how the quality of your equipment is important for long term use or you’ll be buying clippers every other year. The price will eventually be cheaper than the cost.

Class B: Universal Clipper, Blending Clipper, Trimmers, Razors, Scissors, combs, brushThe classic Oster 76

This class is for the future barber and current professionals giving a well rounded arsenal of grooming equipment.

The clipper

The universal clipper is one that can be used on wet or dry hair. Using a detachable blade system this clipper is for heavy duty JOBS. You can find this style of clipper in Andis or Oster. While there are other companies coming out with this style of clipper the andis & oster brand is well trusted among industry leaders.

The Oster 76  is my choice to recommend as it has been my go to universal for the past 12 years. Its a high maintenance clipper that needs carbon brushes swapped out when worn and grease to lube the gears. It is a long lasting piece of equipment that can be used when cutting in high volume. Used for taking down the roughest mane or blending the finest locks the 76 is classic and worth every penny. Andis produced a universal clipper that comes cordless which is convenient for cutting on the go or just less hassle with wires.

The blending clipper is  used for the fading and taper aspect of your grooming needs. This is where preference comes into play. I prefer the andis master magnetiThe andis Master clipperc motor clipper. Wahl has a number of clippers that will work just as fine or better. Just to name a few of those Wahl clippers they are as follows. Wahl taper 2000, legends, sterling, senior, and Magic clippers.

With the adjustable blade and attachment combs fading and blending can be made easy. The master has been improved over the years to with its power button to blade set. The master holds a very powerful motor that can make the clipper run hot after continuous use without a break. To cool it down the andis cool lube will do the trick.

The trimmers

Along with the andis styliner IIs that I have mentioned above I want to add the andis T-outliner.The modified Andis t outliner This trimmer has the BEST ability to be adjusted and when tuned properly they cut like a hot knife through butter in the summer. This particular model I modified to gain easy access to the tension screw giving the blade less or more power.

To complete these clipper kits I would add a Hard bristle brush for extra coarse hair and a soft bristle brush for fine hair. A taper comb is designed for clipper cutting as it has a small side to use clipper over comb on short cuts.


Shaving can be achieved wet or dry. Dry shaves are achieved with a set of trimmers and a face or head prepped by a good wash. A wet shave is achieved with oil,gel,cream and a straight razor. Straight razors of today use disposable razors. Disposable blades are manufactured by many outlets. It’s a matter of preference in which you choose, but I like to deal with personna red Israeli steel blades, or the derby 100 pack half blades. Those are the brands that never failed me as I look for a sharp edge with an easy glide.

 If you don’t feel comfortable with a straight edge an electric razor is the best electric razor by wahl way to achieve a clean look giving a close shave. Each brand has come out with a variation of the electric razors, however, you can take a look at my choice by reading my review, and why I choose the wahl 5 star shaver/shaper to tackle close dry shaving jobs.

These are the tools of the trade that I like to use to complete my men’s grooming services. There are more tools that I like to use these are just the few that I wanted to share. I hope you guys enjoyed the insight on tools of the trade, and visit Amazon to purchase one or two to add to your toolbox. From professional to beginners these tools are easy to use with paying close attention to the instructions.

Shannon kamal

Keeping your tools clean

Keep the public safe!

As a barber stylist, it is my professional and legal obligation to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria while servicing the public. I would like to discuss the importance of keeping your tools clean to ensure you are practicing safe procedures. In many cases dirty tools can cause infectious disease and disorders to spread from person to person. Ringworm, dandruff are among many infectious diseases that can pass through the public. Practicing disinfection regularly can cut down on this possibility by 99.99%. Using proper decontaminating procedures will ensure this, and here they are.

Levels of sanitation

There are three levels of santitation to reference when working in the field of beauty. Here they are from least effective to the most!

  1. Sanitization: using soap and water to reduce  the number of germs, and bacteria from porous surfaces that causes disease. Does not stop germs from resurfacing.
  2. Disinfection: using an E.P.A registered cleaner to remove the presence of germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi from all non-porous surfaces.
  3. Sterilization: the most effective way to remove and reduce ALL disease causing bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

Those being the three levels it is easier to break it down by remembering while your hands can be sanitized, they can only be sterilized by using sterilized gloves. Non-porous areas such as tools and stations can be disinfected and dress for protection (i,e paper towel)

In the beauty field because we do not penetrate the skin none of the tools we use need to be sterilized.

Disinfection is required after each guest in the beauty industry to ensure the control of infection and its mobility.

Making sure your hands are sanitized is a guaranteed way to ensure you are free of germs and microbes.

Infection control products

The goal is to prevent the spread of disease to the public. To decontaminate items must first be cleaned and then disinfected. The federal government have put laws into place for proper precaution to prevent the spread of bacteria. If you fail to follow proper disinfection procedure, legal action can be taken where you can be held responsible for any outcome in result.

it is important to keep all products labeled and a record of material safety data sheets on the premise to guarantee proper use. Before using any agent the safety and storage instructions must be read to make sure they are correctly used.

For any disinfectant to be effective it must be E.P.A registered as a broad spectrum cleaner making it hospital grade able to kill all viruses, fungi, and bacteria air or bloodbourne. This number can be found somewhere on the bottle usually on the back under the active ingredients. If your cleaner isn’t registered then you may be spreading bacteria and not knowing.

Bleach is the #1 used cleaner in the barbershop mixed at a 10:1 ratio to be effective. Ten parts water to every one part bleach. Two ounces of bleach requires 20 ounces of water to become an effective disinfectant.

I use the mar-v-cide spray to disinfect as it is easy to use and has multiple uses as an odor eliminator, and disinfectant for my tools and station.

purell is your universal hand sanitizer, but rubbing alcohol can be used in substitution at 70% ethyl alcohol and 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Infection control procedures

The procedure of infection control is just as important if not more than the products. If you don’t administer the products as directed they can be ineffective leaving your guest vulnerable to contract disease. Leaving YOU the barber liable or YOU the guest infected.

gloves for safety


disposable gloves and goggles should be worn to protect your skin and eyes as the ingredients of your disinfectant can be hazardous. Always resort to your M.S.D.S to be on the safe side.

All tools and surfaces must be cleaned and decontaminated before they can be disinfected. Here are the steps in disinfecting clippers for infection control practices.

Using a toothbrush with warm mild soapy water should be used to remove all dirt, debris, and skin from the surface/ teeth of your tool. Use a towel/paper towel to dry your tool of excess moisture.

Holding your spray 6-8 inches from the surface spray your clipper head until covered. To sanitize; the clipper can be wiped off right away. In order to kill bacteria, virus, and fungus the spray must sit for ten minutes or suggested contact time of product before being wiped away. This method is used whenever your tool comes in contact with any type of body fluid. MUST be done WITHOUT HESITATION whenever a bloodspill happens.

implements such as combs, brushes, and metals can be decontaminated first then sat in a 10:1 bleach solution to disinfect your implements. Completely submerged in the solution and left for at least 10 minutes.

Infection control conclusion

Bacteria and viruses cannot be seen with the naked eye so using precaution before and after each guest is paramount. It is easy to spread disease and disorder if infection control is not a practice.

Have you ever seen skin irritation from razors? Or bumps caused by an uncomfortable shave? This can be caused by bacteria being transferred by the dead skin and dirt left behind on clippers. Each passing of the clipper on ones face or head can leave behind bacteria easily contaminating the skin leaving it open for infection.

So the next time you go get a haircut take a good look at your barber and how he cleans his tools. Does he constantly brush away dirt and debris? Does he clean his hands before beginning your service? Ask can you look in his station and see what type of response you get. Does he put his clippers away without spraying or brushing them? If so, don’t be afraid to ask that the tools be cleaned before proceeding with your service. It may be a matter of infection, or infection control.

If you are a barber start practicing decontamination and disinfection NOW. Keeping your tools clean is a must if you want to enjoy a long healthy career ensuring safe services for each and every guest you seat! Being negligent for a disease or infection you could have prevented can be avoided with proper infection control practices. Legally and professionally practice safely and properly!

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Shannon Kamal

How much does a good haircut cost?
Before and after of a mens haircut

As a barber I am plagued by the disease of analyzing people’s hair. Whether I am at the park, grocery store, or watching tv I find myself  envisioning ways to improve the persons haircut. So one day out of curiosity I asked a young man with a mediocre haircut how much does his barber charge and he said $20. That lead me to ask this question. How much does a good haircut cost? If one is paying  $20 for subpar work what can I get for my above and beyond performance.

Well first we should probably discuss what is a “good haircut”?

In my professional opinion a good haircut should last anywhere from 6-8 days. Although it’s hard to please everyone it is easy to leave everyone satisfied. A good haircut is when you follow instructions, the fundamental elements of design, & the code of sanitation!

If you aren’t comfortable executing a style being asked for Be honest and let your guest know where he can sit to get the look  asked for. In other words know the strength of your shop, and who can do what. It will show your professionalism, and keep shop morale high.

Not every head of hair is created equal so it’s important to recognize the flaws if any of your customer. A good haircut will enhance your features and hide your flaws. While a bad haircut will enhance your flaws and hide your features. So cut wisely!

So now that we know what a good haircut is. How much does it cost? Well first a consultation must be had to discover what is being done.

All haircuts come with a complimentary neck massage to finish and a fine fragrance to send you on your way.

A regular buzz cut $20-$25 w/beard

Picture of a handsome little boy and his haircut

A style cut that requires detail is $25-$30 w/beard

kids cut $15

That’s pretty much basically where the services begin, so now let’s look into what you’re paying for, and why a low-price may not always be the best idea.

Just remember not all haircuts will be good, but the price should always match the work. If ever you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of the  service do NOT pay! Sure we make mistakes as barbers, we’re human. Our mistakes shouldn’t cost you. So If the barber doesn’t agree to discounting the service, or offer free product you should find a new barber.

Experience v. Service

How does this play into the price of a haircut you ask? Well a service is  given to those who request work from you. While an experience will leave a lasting  impression on your guest from the work that is requested from you.

Many will argue that the experience is what adds value when factoring in various price points. What will your guest encounter when they come in for that routine grooming session? Loud vulgar Music, dirty shop, and a great haircut? Sure the cut was nice but you couldn’t relax, and was afraid to wash your hands because the bathroom sink looked like it belongs in an underground subway station.

Or is the music at a decent level for all ears to enjoy, clean reception area with a bathroom that belongs in a hyatt! With this you can relax and enjoy a service as your barber grows into giving you the best haircut you’ve ever had. 

You can also give a great experience by giving the customer exactly what was asked of you instead of what you believe he should have. At this point it wouldn’t matter how clean, and relaxing your shop is if i am leaving with a mohawk! Sure a mohawk is a fine haircut, however I have an important presentation Monday morning to determine my annual bonus. 

In which i may have to now leave with a correction haircut leaving me with a style that just isn’t flattering nor a compliment my features.

In final

A good haircut can run from $15-$80 which is all depending on what’s being performed, who’s it being performed on, and what kind of experience will they receive. You will know where you stand when you begin to hear the reviews from the public that you serve.

When they leave feeling brand new with added confidence to smash this years annual bonus review you will be the first to hear about it rendering your time worth every penny!

Don’t forget to leave your idea of what a good haircut should cost, and what experience do you create by leaving a comment below.

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Shannon Kamal