The truth about waves

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Today I will like to discuss real quick about waves! There is a fad going around on YouTube where kids call themselves Wavers!

It reminds me of the movie the outsiders where one gang was called the socials, and the others were called the greasers.

Now this community of kids put out videos on how to get waves, and they gain massive amounts of followers due to the knowledge they have on “getting waves”.

I am here to let you guys know that there is no such thing as a science to getting waves. You pretty much just follow three rules. Brush, moisturizer, and keep clean.

What is a wave?

Truth is a wave is just a curl pattern if you have any type of curl you can possess waves. If you don’t have any curls it is going to be extremely hard to get your hair to wave.

What starts as a coil is laid down and made a wave through brushing the hair and training it to lay down. THATS IT! There is no secret to it, no special product or technique.

Some can get waves easier than others because the state of hair is already wavy. One thing that remains constant is brushing your hair and using your choice of product to hold the style in place or to add shine.



There are a few products I recommend because I believe in using the best ingredients around to keep the hair and scalp healthy above all.

Its important to own at least two brushes that are made of boar bristle which is great for distributing oils through the strand of hair. One reinforced bristle brush and another medium/soft bristle brush depending on hairs texture. Fine, coarse, or medium. The finer the hair the softer your bristles should be and vice versa!

I recommend using the reinforced brush in the shower while shampooing and conditioning with a paraben and sulfate free product!

Parabens and sulfates can dry the hair out leaving waves hard to manage.

From there brushing is required to achieve a wavy appearance.

Product is important when we are talking about hold and shine. Although they assist in styling waves they do not give you waves. Again waves are just laid down curls.

A pomade free of petrolatum is highly recommended as petro tends to collect dust and coat the cuticle causing dirt and debris to collect and cause irritation.

A head covering is needed but not vital for the production of waves. As long as it is made of nylon fabric any Durag will do as it is just to keep your style in place. Some trust caps while other enjoy durags. It is a matter of preference so try both and see which fits your liking best!

I do want to warn you that wave caps have a shorter life span than durags! Tsurags seem to be top of the line to purchase when it comes to quality but any Durag will do!


To obtain waves it takes patience, discipline, and consistency! Brush, clean, and repeat. There are many products you can use it’s just finding your preference. However the constant is to always brush the hair to train the curl to present a wavy appearance. Mechanical memory is what we call it in the stylist arena!

That concludes today’s topic I hope you’ve enjoyed and I hope you come back next time as I’ll be discussing what hair type do you have?

thanks for stopping by,

Shannon kamal