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I would like to offer my services as an educator and stylist to bring you the latest in products, tools, and services. Here you will find the social barber blog roll where I will give reviews on products and tools while I discuss everything that is usually discussed in a barbershop. If you’re looking for services you can book an appointment from the appointments page.

I will share with you the brand I trust, and the products I use faithfully.  From time to time I will have some educational pieces to assist the up and coming stylist/barber to become a better student of the game.

Periodically you will find links to shop from amazon and other sites that I have affiliations with. You can read my disclosure here for further information. All products that I review are strictly my opinion and in no way am I a rep of these companies. So you can rest assure that anything I review or recommend is based on my experience with said product.

This website is designed for anyone interested in the field of beauty whether you are a professional, student, or home stylist I hope to satisfy all you  are looking for.

You can follow me on Instagram, and facebook where I post frequently on my latest styles and what I am doing to stay ahead of the competition. I expect my visitors to hold me accountable so if you find me slacking you can visit any one of those platforms to get me going again.