Time to get rid of these used razor blades

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The wet shave was once a tradition passed down from father to son. As times changed the art of the wet shave was soon lost only to revive itself and comeback with some minor adjustments!


There was a time when the straight razor was sharpened and cleaned manually. One blade a thousand strokes and just the person stroking. That’s when things were a lot simpler and easy. For the barbers of today the razor handle was invented to take disposable razor blades to complete a  more safe and sanitary task of shaving.

Disposable razor blades

Do not get me wrong this may be alot more convenient way to shave because once the blade dulls you just replace it instead of the old way of stroping and honing.


Razor blades come double sided or pre-cut and they are loaded into the handle ready to be used. I’ll demonstrate how to load them at a later date.

Most barbers use one blade per guest and that can add up quick depending on how much your razor tool is used. So what is the best way to dispose of these iitems? We can’t just throw them in the trash someone can cut themselves handling the bag. I suppose we can schedule a sharps material pick up, but who do you call for a job like that? Besides thisisn’t diabetic needles these are razor blades.

Well here is the safest way to rid yourself of used razors!


Disposal Procedure

This procedure is done to ensure you are getting rid of harmful material safely. You’ll need an aluminum can, cardboard, and some duct tape. A pair of scissors may be needed to help cut the tape. Cut your cardboard to the size of the opening of the can. Make sure the can is cleaned out and ready to use. The duct tape is to make sure the top stays covered.



Using an empty aluminum can with the cover place the razors inside filling it to the top place the cover on top to close the can. Use the duct tape to keep the cover in place.



Take your piece of cardboard cut to fit and duct tape the cardboard over the cover vertically and horizontally closing the can,




Make sure the tape is completely covering the top to keep all objects inside of the container. The sharps are now ready to be disposed of in your regular trash.

Properly disposal of razor blades is an important task as it ensures the safety of those around us and the ones who collect our garbage. A professional will always Maintain proper safety practices and service the public with caution.

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick guide on how to Properly dispose of razor blades.

In closing

The traditional straight razor is still a very beutiful tool while the wet shave is truly an art form to be appreciated. Before using any type of razor I recommend seeking professional guidance first!

Til next time,

Shannon kamal

Fact: You can always ask your barber for a new blade!