Hairline health tips for men

Hairline health tips for men

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What happened to my hairline?

Male pattern balding is a condition that can be passed down from generation to generation and can skip generations if lucky.

The balding genes comes directly from your mom believe it or not.

Balding can also be caused by chemical damage, lack of maintenance, disease, stress, medicines, barber malpractice, and a host of other reasons.

30% of male balding occurring in males 30 and under suffer from testosterone produced enzymes called dihydrotestosterone. What this does is choke the follicle until it becomes thin and eventually non-existent!

This percentage reaches to 50% by age 50 and higher as aging takes place.

Now we all know that age plays a huge role in the health of our hair. However what we consume, and how we care for our hair is important for growth. Here are some simple hairline health tips to give you a better chance at a full hairline for as long as possible.

How clean is your lifestyle?

A diet full of nutrients and drug free will produce silky, shiny hair.

A diet fueled by bad habits will produce hair that looks and feel in distress.

Cleansing and moisturizing the hair is important to promote a healthy growth. While reducing breakage and choking of the follicle with dirt and debris.

Now I know there are a lot of products that promise to regrow your hair with a guarantee. These types of claims I find bogus.

Before a promise can be guaranteed information must first be gathered to determine what course of action will work if at all.

if the hair is gone through injury with damaged roots the hair will never return. Hair that is loss due to stress can be nursed back to health. While Chemical damage can cause hair loss the hair has a chance to regrow as long as the roots are in tact and unharmed.

So to prescribe any products a consultation must be done first to discover what condition are you in, why is the hair gone, how long has it been gone, can it grow back.

Rogaine doesn’t grow the hair back in fact it just slows the process down. Only drawback is that if you stop using it for a while the rest of your hair will fall out.

So to keep a healthy hairline you must realize that if you have balding relatives on moms side of the family this may be a mission impossible.


What is your grooming regimen?

While your hairline is strong and full pay close attention on your barbers skill to keep your line in its natural state. A continuous shave in the hairline with a motorized clipper can just leave that root to weak to push out anything strong enough to hold detail.

Keep the scalp cleansed free of dirt and your hair shiny and healthy. Now you can embrace a style to minimize the obvious balding, or sport a neat style with a receding line but a clean sophisticated look.

There are no tricks to a healthy hair line but my tip would be to enjoy it while you still have one. If you are receding. Know your level in which you can still wear hair.

Trying to wear full styles and a lineup are out of the question with some baldness so embrace the bald look.

On the other hand some receding hairlines can be blended with a lower cropped style.

Either way it begins with appearance! As long as your hair is neat, clean, and free of odor then you have more range to wear your hair as you see fit.

Thats it for now! Any comments or questions about your experience in balding?

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  • Andrei

    • April 9, 2017 @ 9:36 pm
    • Reply

    Hello, Shannon!

    I am so glad that I stumbled across your post. Baldness is one of my greatest fears, since I am almost in my mid 20s. Besides not having money, time, energy the last thing that I could count on was my hair. I have been using Head and Shoulders anti hair fall shampoo for the last two years and it was all fine, not even one hair fell of my head. However, once I started using other shampoos, I was surprised to see that my hair quickly began to fell off. It was like my hair was addicted to H&S and I am actually thinking to sue them. Do you know if Rogaine is a trustworthy product? Or does it have the same effect?

    • Shannon kamal

      • April 10, 2017 @ 3:12 pm
      • Reply

      So glad it reached you Andre,

      How old are you?
      Any family balding?
      Medication/caffeine consumption?

      Start with these four questions.

      The products that claim they can grow back hair isn’t telling the whole truth. Head and shoulders is a good relief shampoo for situations where some strength is needed for a cleanse. Most of those situations should be prescribed by a dermatologist. If it isn’t I wouldn’t trust it.

      Continuous use of head and shoulders can strip the hair of its nutrients due to the ingredients. If you happen to use it at home try to reduce usage to 2x a month for 6 months and then a reduction of 1x a week for another 6 months and then STOP! While you are using this routine add a conditioner after a head and shoulder shampoo.

      Something paraben and sulfate free is recommended with vitamin E of K

      Now I am no doctor I cannot diagnose disorders but I can treat the hair.

      Rogaine has an ingredient called minoxidil 9 which has been reported by my customers that they have experienced extreme hair loss after stopping the use of rogaine.

      I have not used this product myself as I just keep my hair healthy and if it falls out it will look good while doing it!

      Any more questions I am more than obliged!

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