To Shampoo or not To Shampoo?

To Shampoo or not To Shampoo?

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That is the question!

But before we answer that question let’s ask a few more to draw a more intelligent conclusion.

Shampoo is a product used to cleanse the hair from all dirt, oil, and debris. To ensure proper hygiene shampoo is recommended at least once a week depending on your level of product usage.

So YES, To shampoo is the answer! . 

Why shampoo?

Shampooing can aid and assist in the growing of healthy hair. Oils, dust, and dirt can clog the follicle and prevent essential nutrients to feed the hair. I will go deeper in detail the cause and effect of elements on the follicle later.

Here I will explain why the shampoo is effective, what type of shampoo to use, and how often you should shampoo. 

A dirty scalp can cause a collection of bacteria & fungus to accrue on the hair and omit an unpleasant odor.

Shampoos contain surafctants to wash away foreign product/matter from the hair and scalp. Using a push pull reaction to loosen and remove dirts and debris.

It is important to shampoo. However, the right shampoo must be used for optimal results.

 What is the right shampoo?

To determine the right shampoo a consultation must be given first. Here we will give the hair a series of test to determine the condition.

First will be a check for visual dirt and debris such as dandruff, oils, dirts, and dust.

This can be resolved with a cleansing/clarifying shampoo to rid the hair of foreign debris.

next would be to test the state of the hair. Is it healthy, damaged, or dry. It is important to take into account that any thing you put into your system must make an exit. If you are on medications there maybe side effects that show through the follicle and its appearance.

Caffiene and smoking can dehydrate the body rendering hair,skin and nails to become dry. Take into account the number of caffeinated beverages and cigarettes are consumed when determining the hairs condition.

Hair sits on the ph scale of 4.5-5.5  so it’s important to keep your product usage in the neutral range when repairing the hair of damage from chemicals or medicines.

To simplify the classification of the products to use we will concentrate on ingredients to suggest the proper shampoo.

Keep in mind each scalp is different and every person reacts different. This is just a general rule of thumb.

Paraben and sulfate free shampoo is the best for dry damaged hair or all hair types as it is free of chemicals that are harsh on the hair.

Medicated shampoos should only be used when prescribed by a doctor.

Healthy hair can be shampooed with any type of shampoo, however the state of hair can change in an instant so it’s important to switch to low ph shampoos from time to time to regulate the hairs ph balance.

stay tuned for my product recommendations and demonstrations.

How often should you wash?

a regular wash routine is recommended twice a week depending on how fast your hair becomes soiled. Using a shampoo with a lower ph would be less damaging and can be used more frequent.

Shampoos with sulfates tend to be higher on the ph scale, and should always be accompanied with a conditioning product after use. A leave in conditioner is good for replenishing the hair with any proteins that may have been stripped.

Please shampoo!

so we discussed why we should shampoo, what kind of shampoo to use, and how often to shampoo. Using this knowledge we can now properly maintain a healthy head of hair and scalp.

A good clean head of hair is the beginning of every great service! Please remember to shampoo before receiving any type of hair cutting/styling service. If ever you forget to wash before your haircut your groomer should be willing and ready to take on that task.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Any questions or comments I would love to hear from you!

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  • Josh

    • March 31, 2017 @ 4:27 am
    • Reply

    Interesting! While I’ve heard you’re not supposed to shampoo every day, I always have done so. I have yet to experience any negative repercussions. I use gel in my hair every day and don’t want to add more the next day without shampooing.

    • Shannon kamal

      • April 5, 2017 @ 2:49 am
      • Reply

      Hey josh,

      Everyday shampoo isn’t recommended if you’re using shampoos with harmful Chemicals (all products from supermarkets, and pharmacies) stay mindful that a more all natural hair cleanser can be used along with soft water and you can shampoo 3x a day. The next chance you get read the ingredients in your shampoo. Parabens and sulfates are bad for everyday use. I tend to use Castile soap and an all natural shampoo made by mendhei. I will be retailing these items soon! So stay tuned!

      Always a pleasure,
      Shannon kamal

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