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Here are my 5 best interview techniques when choosing a barber/beauty shop to work in!

You’ve just finished your beauty/barber school training now there will be a state board exam to pass, and from there you will be looking for employment. I want to share my 5 best interview techniques when choosing a Barber/beauty shop to work in! If you’re anything like I was you may be asking yourself will “this shop” help me thrive or will it leave me stagnant. Just because you are brand new to the field doesn’t mean you have to settle for what ever comes first. You have a choice to ensure you get your career off to the proper start. Sure a job was offered to you, but it doesn’t make it a fit for you to work. Before saying yes/no, I recommend using a checklist to find out what shop you should choose or accept to work in. First you should investigate the reputation, Ask questions about the vision, Communicate properly, Dress appropriate, and lastly Scout the business. Using these 5 techniques will help you make your decision, and ease your nerves before meeting with your potential future employer. These are techniques that I am sharing with you based on my own experiences, and what I look for when I am hiring a new individual for my shop. You can test out these techniques before even graduating from hair school to get comfortable with the process. Leave a comment below or share with a barber/beauty school graduate to help them on their way to finding a place to start a prosperous career.


This can be vital when going for work as a pro because you need Intel to use as leverage. You’ll need to have information before the meeting to find out how transparent your potential shop is. If you know the answer before asking it will be a lot easier to spot an untruthful owner from an honorable owner.

With today s advancement in technology there should be no surprises when going for an interview. Doing a quick Google search you will be able to get information on the type of establishment you are entering. What kind of reviews are they getting? Pay close attention to the bad reviews, this is where you will find out the integrity of the owner/manager or whoever is in charge of public relations.

How well do they respond to critiques? A negative review should be addressed with concern to make the situation right giving the customer a satisfying experience even if they weren’t pleased with services.

Does this shop specialize in certain services? Do they educate employees? Do they have a heavy online presence where new clients can reach out for services?

Let’s just say for some reason this shop has no Online presence, and a google search brings up nothing. You may not be entering a progressive business where there may not be any room for growth leaving you with a career that will not flourish. This is not always the case so we can’t judge alone on online presence so there must be another form of research used to reveal the truth.

The best way is to scout the business which I will explain later in the article so you’d want to stick around and read my thoughts on how to perform this step.

Ask questions

Meeting face to face with shop owner/manager can be intimidating for a newbie because you don’t know what to expect. To break up those nerves it’s best to gain a feel of some sort of control. This can be done by asking simple questions to make small talk “how long have you been in the industry?” or “What is your least favorite service to do?”

These questions are all industry related and show your interest in getting to know your employer. Just keep these filler questions to a minimum as you don’t want to come off nosy. It never hurts to break up the discomfort (if any) with questions or statements, This shows personality. Just be sure never to ask personal questions unless you are asked personal questions first.

Maybe during your investigation you found out the shop does an annual breast cancer event. This information can be used to compliment the gesture giving yourself some brownie points to show the attention you have given the shop before even beginning a shift.

Save any work related questions for when they ask “is there any questions or concerns?” at the end of the interview. Here is where you can ask about time off, call out procedures, and compensation plans. Keep in mind that you should be interviewing the shop just as much as they are interviewing you.

Be Open

Honesty is always the best option when making first impressions. This is the time to put it all on the line about your shortcomings, or anything else that would be better known upfront. Childcare issues on a Wednesday, you’re monthly doctor check ups to control an ailment, or you have a hard time with wet shaving/blow-drying. It’s better to be known up front rather than later when put on the spot to perform, and you definitely don’t want to spring on your new job any issues with babysitting during your first 90 days of employment.

There is nothing worse than someone does a job when they have no idea what they are doing, or unable to properly get the job done. However, it is better to be open about becoming better at whatever it is you may fall short in. Be open for further training in the areas you may need work in, and I’m sure the person you are being interviewed by will find you more valuable.

Dress proper

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways. First impressions cannot be made twice so make your first impression your best impression! What I mean by that is simple. During your investigation you should have discovered what type of shop environment you will be heading into.

Laid back shops usually allow a more casual look where you will not want to overdress giving an impression of being too fancy for the shop. For instance if the vibe is casual and you show up in a 3pc suit or 12 in stilettos you may disrupt the feel making others feel uncomfortable.

It works vice versa as well! You can’t show up in jeans and a t- shirt to a shop that requires a more strict dress code of slacks and dress shirts. Find out what you’re heading into before you go being prepared, and dressed accordingly.

Dressing neutral either way in all black or a black and white variance is usually the way to go. This shows you are willing to have the attention off of you, and ready to place sole attention on the customers.


I promised to explain this earlier and here it is, what I believe to be a very useful technique before going on an interview. The “scout” is when you visit as a customer and have a friend visit as a customer. One of you guys will complain about the service to see how well the stylist will overcome this obstacle or if assistance will be given by the manager/Sr. personell.

For instance, you can totally complain about your style not being as you wished, and how you are not satisfied with the outcome. I know this sounds quite peculiar, however it’s important to know what type of customer service is given in this shop. Not just by what they claim, but what they practice.

Do they get upset with you, and project major attitude not addressing your concerns? or does a manager or Sr. stylist come over to find a way to solve your issue to the best of their ability until you are satisfied. Keep in mind it’s just a drill so if they are genuinely trying to make an effort to satisfy you just give them some slack.

It doesn’t end just there because now there is what I call the aftermath.

Your friend will come in after you to have a service done or vice versa just to see if there will be any gossip about the client who had a complaint about his/her head. Does the head barber keep the other barbers in line while the shop still has patrons or does he join in on the verbal assaults?

Will the Master stylist have a lot to say about not being able to please such a picky client or does she use that moment to teach her colleagues how to approach the next obstacle that may arise? Now that you know the nature of the working environment you can decide if it’s a possibility to begin your career here or keep looking for the right shop to work in.

Are you ready to interview?

Giving these tips the only thing left to do now is go out and start interviewing, and looking for the proper place to begin servicing the public with your creative skills. There are many types of shops to work in, and if you need some ideas on what they are you can take a look at my article asking What type of shop do you work in? Here is where I categorize the different shops out there, and what they are about. Searching for work in this field does not have to be a worrisome task if you just use my 5 best interview techniques when choosing a beauty/barber shop to work in. Be confident, Be positive, Be professional, and start your career in the right direction.

Til next time!

Shannon Kamal

Any concerns or questions? leave a comment and let’s talk about it!

5 ways to tell if your career is going to the next level

Working in the beauty field, it can be a task that requires patience, and persistence maybe even both. Starting from the bottom of the totem pole is the only way to begin, unless of course you are way beyond talented and start from the top right away. Seeing how that is usually not the case when entering the field, the goal is to always aim at getting to the next level. There is no clear cut path to the top, so anything I share will be solely based on my experience in the field. With many areas to examine we will begin to reveal the state of our career by asking. Do you have a vision? Are you recognized? Guest re booking? Do you offer hair care products? Are you referred? Let’s Take a deeper look into these 5 ways to tell if your career is going to the next level, or have you reached your plateau.

Your reach begins to expand

My motto is and will always be quality over quantity, However you will find that once your quality of work has increased so will you customer base. When you put your best into your work it will not go unnoticed and before you realize it the word will spread about your services. Pretty soon your book will grow and propel you into a new arena, and tax bracket.

Now when this happens it is important to work wise and be careful not to overwork your schedule or you will burn out and miss out on your harvest.

This is where your scheduling will have to become a must. Keep track of new customers and how often you get new people through the door. I find that if they have been referred to you by an existent guest then you should show appreciation and offer discounts for all who send heads your way.

This is a great way to build a reputation and actually give incentive to others that they may send heads your way also!

Your retail recommendations are working

Anyone can just cut hair as it doesn’t take much but practice and repetition to become decent. However, Hair care maintenance is what separates the professional from the amateur. Yes I said it! If you aren’t into hair care then you aren’t considered a pro in my humble opinion.

Natural elements (sun, earth, wind) can take a toll on the hair cuticle as well as our diets and daily activities. AS a professional we should be able to address these issues with solutions through product recommendations. The upkeep is not only good for the customer but it will keep your work in its optimal display at all times. As long as your recommendations are followed your work will last longer and promote your work as advertised.

Products are going to be used whether you push them or not so it’s best to ensure they are pushed properly. A proper hair analysis and consultation will reveal just what needs to be prescribed. Keep in mind that product prescriptions are a great way to earn a passive income even when you are slow!

Do you have any repeat customers?

If you don’t have repeat customers how will you ever make a real living? Your repeat customers keep the lights on along with food on your table. Like clock work you should know when Reggie is due to show up for his next service.

To stay ahead of the program you should encourage precooking. Before Reggie leaves he should be setting up his next service with room for a possible reschedule. Its easier to put yourself in line before you leave as opposed to waiting the day off to try to be squeezed in. Especially if you know your customer has a busy schedule and or hectic lifestyle.

There’s nothing worse than text messages and phone calls in the middle of services to try to book an appointment. Get your customers on a regular booking schedule and alleviate all guess work. Encourage guest to come back and treat your repeat customers to rewards. This will in part create more repeat customers.


Have you ever been standing out in public and you just hear your name from across the parking lot, or a horn honking at you? Hey don’t you cut hair over at the shop on (insert establishment here)?

When this happens your career is entering the next level, and the process will get a little scary but it’s a great feeling at the same time.

Some people will know you and you won’t have a clue to who they are. Just be ready with cards to hand out with a welcoming greeting to accompany. You are your biggest form of advertisement. Take advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand.

You only get one shot to leave an impression so make the most of it. You’re on stage always with everyone watching, do your best to stay ready to perform.

Is your direction clear?

As your career settles your vision begins to come clear as to what you want to achieve. The time of aimless working is over and you know exactly what you want to accomplish. You now have direction, and focus to smashing your goals. Do you want to open your own shop? Create your own product, teach, or do you just want to build a customer base that will secure your future.

The choice is yours and the opportunities are endless for professional licensed barbers. You will find that during this time everything and everyone will attempt to block your goals. These obstacles are only meant to teach you while making you stronger in your journey.

Anything worth having is will take time while facing adversity. Keep in mind that the higher you elevate your craft only you will be able to see your vision others aren’t flying as high so they can’t see what you are seeing. Stay the course with determination and focus. The time to stick with it is when things aren’t going so well this will show what you are made of.


What level are you at?

The level of your career doesn’t reach new heights until about 5 yrs into your practice. Now this doesn’t mean everyone will take this long it’s just a general rule to go by simply because many don’t last beyond the 2-3 yr waiting period to build a customer base. This is when doubt, fear, and impatience creeps in. You begin to believe you can’t make it or it’s just not worth it. I am here to tell you that the barber industry is soaring in revenues, and techniques. The question is will you be able to last and take part in the revenues.

Can you tell if your career is going to the next level? Set goals, and get yourself educated on what’s new in the world of beauty. Leave nothing up to chance get proactive on making things happen. Take your career to the next level with purpose and determination in your mind and heart.

Leave a comment, and explain how you plan on moving your career to the next level.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook @barbershannonkamal


MY 5 step guide to be more successful in the beauty field

The beauty field has evolved from a weekly visit to a local saloon on to a daily need to feel beautiful. As the demands rise, professionals of the field stand to increase revenues by an upward of 30%. Everyone places a gauge on success differently so it is only fair to speak from a service stand point. To be a success in the beauty world this will depend on one of four things quality of work, quantity of work, retention of guest, and how long you have been in business. While it may be fairly easy to gain anyone of these attributes it is just that easy to overlook what we may be failing in to help us grow, and become more successful. Taking a look at my journey I realized 5 areas that I needed to address to enter the next level of my career. Consistency, Appearance, Communication, Education. Customer experience. Within these 5 areas we will discover ways to be more successful in our career.

Make your guest top priority

This will be the main ingredient of your success! Without our customers we are officially out of business. With this in mind our focus should be giving an experience that can not help but to be talked about. Word of mouth is still the greatest from of advertisement. The customer experience goes a long way with setting yourself apart from the competition. Think of ways you can give your customers a more positive memorable experience. Keep in mind that good news travels fast while bad news travels faster! Keep a list of your clients names, birthdays, and address. This will help your marketing efforts by personalizing each experience. Find out what your customer prefers to be called is it the first name? MR. or MRS? Birthdays are a great way to send out promotions to make them feel special on a day that much may forget. You will show that you care, and take a serious approach to making them feel good. Addresses will help you locate your clients for future deals, specials, or rewards.

Become a master of communication

The best way to build trust in this business is to have the ability to communicate. Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no! Gain trust by backing your words. Don’t say yes to a 6am Saturday morning if you don’t get outta bed until 7am. Keeping your book appropriately scheduled will show professionalism, and give you that extra respect as a professional. Show your customers you care by explaining the process in which you maintain their hair. Stay firm, fair, and keep all conversations professional. Don’t cross talk in the salon with co-workers or other guest. No politics or religion should be topic of discussion as it is considered topics of passion. Keep your customers engaged, informed, and educated, and watch the referrals roll in.

Your appearance counts

When it comes to beauty people come to see us to feel get beautiful. As a pro you should be clean, neat, and not too flashy. You want your customer to feel like the star of the show. If your attire is flashy you may intimidate those who aren’t as fashion forward. Of course unless you decide to stick to a certain class of clientele then you wouldn’t care how others felt. Black and white is usually the standard uniform for the beauty field in any variation would it work. Uniform shows a purpose to the public when you visit the hospital you will find a doctor in a white coat. Any restaurant and a chef in a chef jacket. While your local police will be found in blues and a badge. Are you dressed professional or are you just dressing to impress.

The more you know

The more you will grow! As trends change so will fashion request, and the only way to keep up is by educating yourself on the latest styles, techniques, and products. Without education, you will find your career at a stand still when these changes come about! Attend trade shows, reach out to product lines for material, and at least you can tune in to YouTube. Treat your field like any other field with the more learning you do the more earning you can do. Think of yourself as a fine-tuned automobile that will cost more if you came with more features. Learn to style hair after you give it a stylish haircut. Add the ability to mix formulations for color to become a versatile barber/stylist.

Keep working

The most production comes from the action that doesn’t stop. To give a great example I would ask you to think of a horse that is beautiful, strong, and fast. The only problem is the horse only comes out the stall on Saturdays for a half day then back to the stalls. While on the other hand there is a horse that is not as beautiful, not as strong, and a tad bit slower. This horse will not stop working until his job is complete EVERYDAY he is called upon. Now I ask which would you rather have working your farm?

In completion

Becoming successful is every professional dream I mean no one studies a subject to not be successful. However, success is measured differently across the board. I believe success is when you are able to sustain a living on your every day efforts of working behind the chair. Remember that quantity is not always a great measure quality holds more weight when servicing the public. We all have ways we can go to the next level, but we all don’t have the drive to make it possible. Do you agree? Or do you have ways to be more successful? If so, please leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Stay sophisticated, stay social, and keep cutting!


Shannon Kamal

5 things you should know before starting barber school!

Hello and welcome to another page from the 5 series here at Sophisticated Grooming. Are you looking to begin a career as a barber? To get you started there are 5 things you should know before starting barber school. The barber profession dates back to the middle ages with responsibilities of a dentist, and surgeon. What began as a prestigious position quickly evolved into becoming a therapist, fashion expert, and a community mentor. As you journey into your studies I want to share with you the cost, education, expectations, ups and downs, and the completion of courses. With this information you will be prepared to enter school ready to become a barber.

The decision

To become a barber was something I never expected to e doing, however I will say that I am glad the love found me. My decision to be a barber was simple I had fun cutting hair, and I heard somewhere that if your job is fun you will never work a day in your life.

I found myself building a client base with just one pair of clippers, a trimmer, and my weight bench as my chair. I was satisfied to be able to have great conversations while making others feel good about their appearance.

The decision was an easy one to make for me at this time because I hated waking up to go to college and studying for a job that wasn’t guaranteed after course completion. I also enjoyed the fact that I would make my own schedule and set the possibilities of how much I can earn with no cap on my potential.

After talking to my sister who was already in the beauty field I was given advice to do both women, and men hair styling. So that’s what I did I signed up for beauty school the very next day. This was the best decision I had ever made, and after completing beauty school my next step was to cross over to a barbering program.

This decision gave me a well-rounded approach to being able to style hair. And all it cost me wast 18 months of my time and a price tag of about $20,000.

If you, do decide to go forward the price of this education runs roughly between $10-$15 per hour. In the state of Massachusetts at 1000 hours you are looking at roughly 12-15k including your workbooks and a kit of styling tools. Once you find the right school the price of the education will be well worth it.

What you will learn

A barbers’ education is pretty universal so I am confident in telling you that what you will learn can be applied in any state that you reside. The obvious education would be removing hair and styling hair, but there will be a heavy concentration in sanitation and infection control. The most important part of your lessons will be how not to pass along disease and how to prevent the spread of infection.

Along with that you will be learning chemical services such as Perms, relaxers, and color. These services may not be of interest to you but it is a part of the curriculum for a reason you will need to be prepared for any service that walks through the door. By law, it is illegal to refuse service based on sex, so if a lady prefers a barber to do her roller set it would be best if you knew how.

There is a theory to each subject that will give you the science behind each service, and the practical part is where you practice the application of the lesson. Customer service do’s and don’t are also a big part of the curriculum. What sets a barber apart from someone who just cuts hair is his/her professional approach to the job.

Understanding what kind of conversations can/cannot be he’d in the shop will ensure you keep customers satisfied at all times. Even if a customer is the one to strike a forbidden conversation about politics, religion, and money you will e taught how to take control and redirect the topic. With practice day in and day out anyone can become good at cutting hair, but it takes education to be able to properly service the public.

What to expect

Whenever you are introduced to something new it is natural to feel nervous and afraid. Afraid of making a mistake or doing something wrong. I Know these feelings were present when I began so its not far off to expect you to feel the same.

For instance, I recall my first haircut on an individual with fine straight hair up until then my work has all been done on coarse thick hair. Well needless to say my approach left the gentleman with a plug on the side of his head and me standing there for 45 minutes trying to figure how to hide it.

There was no hiding it nor was there an escape from the embarrassment I felt. Luckily my teacher kindly explained “Unless you have experience in cutting all types of hair(which is not uncommon) expect to make some major mistakes!” In fact, I suggest you make as many mistakes as you can while in barber school this is the only way to learn the difference between the correct way and the incorrect way.

You will have enough time to gain experience so don’t rush the process. Depending on your location you can look forward to at least 1000 hours of training. For the full time students that will register at about 9 months, and 16 months for part-time student. Other states require more hours ranging from 1200-2000 check with your local requirements to gain a clear understanding of how many hours are needed.

The roller coaster

Some days you will excel and feel like you are on top of the world while other days you will find the subject matter tough to understand giving you thoughts of quitting. This is totally normal and I urge you to remember that this field is a never ending lesson.

What you don’t understand today will become clear tomorrow as long as you work through your frustrations. There is no such thing as the Perfect barber or BEST barber just an individual who vows to be better each day they turn on a pair of clippers.

Don’t get too high when you excel and don’t get too low when you fail. The ups and downs of your school career only reminds you that you are evolving into a professional. We all need encouragement from time to time so don’t be afraid to lean on your educator for insurance.

The next step

If you have stuck with the course, and completed the program you are now eligible for your state exams. This is where you go before the state board of barbers’ and perform a haircut & shave to demonstrate you can practice proper technique and keep the public safe from disease and infection.

Once you pass this portion there will be a written exam administered to test your knowledge on the rules and regulations of the state in which you will be practicing. After you successfully pass both parts (Congratulations!) an apprentice barber license will be issued and you are officially a professional barber ready to be employed, and perform services for the public. As an apprentice you are required to work under a Master barber for a duration of 18 months before you can be considered for your master barber license.

What this means is that you aren’t allowed to work without the supervision of a master barber on site. This is to ensure your school training was thorough and you become comfortable with the public ensuring proper protocol. It’s almost like graduate school in a sense. Don’t worry its better this way as you will find out the shop and school has its differences.

In review

The cost can range from 12k – 15k and about 9-16 months of time so to start your career as a barber you will find the value to outweigh the cost.

This field is one of growth and steady evolution what is today can quickly change tomorrow. Although you are licensed and ready to work It’s important to learn from everything you do and everyone you encounter. For a successful career you will have to keep up with the times.

To give you a little advice I suggest you keep track of your progress with pictures. When you get deeper in your career you will find out how horrible your cuts were and how far you have come with your skills.

The ups and downs will continue, but become far and few in between each episode. You will hit cruise control and hit an altitude of Highs with a couple of bumps in the road. It is impossible to please everyone, however your goal should be to satisfy each and every guest that enter the shop. Now that you know what to look for before starting barber school my only question is….. Are you ready?


The 5 reasons why barbering should be a bond!

Hello and welcome once again.

To continue with the 5 series theme today I will give you my 5 reasons why I believe there should be a bond of solidarity in the world of barbering. I’m sure everyone has things they do well and there are some things others do better than you. What does that really mean in the grand scheme of things?

The constant that should remain is that we ALL should have the same approach in common. Be consistent! While the beginner should consistently get better we have the vet whom should be consistently giving his, or her best.

Again these are just my beliefs of how it should be to give the oldest profession life

Reason #5 Our families will thank us

When you think about a bond what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, It would have to be a closeness that is hard to separate. When there is a connection as this we will have a level of respect for what the other is setting out to achieve.

Shop owners are setting out to be a successful business owner so as a booth renter/chair operator there should be a level of support to assist your barber brother, Be dependable and active so he can get home to his family for more QT. Nothing worse than having to cut all day and night because you can’t trust the individuals in your shop to keep it under control.

Shop owners have some direction and protocol to ensure your barbers have a workplace with purpose and vision. Who wants to rent a chair, or work for long where there are no boundaries or rules so anything goes? Some people are looking for a place to settle in, and grow roots to grow a prosperous career to raise a family.

I look out for my brother to ensure his work life compliments his home life.

Reason #4 Takes care of the next generation

Imagine a brotherhood started with the goal to last for years to come! This isn’t to say barbering is going anywhere, but plumbing is here to stay as well that didn’t stop them from forming a UNION. Making the arena a place where the game has codes to work by will ensure the integrity will grow stronger.

Do we lack integrity? I guess we’d have to poll that question to find out to get an accurate answer, However if we take a look at our social media accounts we’d witness barbers calling out barbers for using enhancements to add detail when the work they do need detail. Calling barbers phony and whack because they want to dive in enhancing the look of his market is a foolish way to think. We are service driven first in all ways! if your market demands a service, why would you deny it?

Or the ones who have a problem with the use of holding cameras while cutting to get that video feed of that sharp lineup and clean fade. I don’t have much time to hold and cut like I want as I have to clear my schedule timely being the only barber present that makes me feel left out.

Understand one another to grow from one another and be united. When there is unity you will find a union!

Reason #3 we can do more

This one is pretty simple and easy to explain there is strength in numbers. More people on one page means insurance packages, Retirement funds, and Annual conventions. The conventions are actually in existence so we have that down.

What would be lovely is every area having a network of shops paying in to an insurance package as well as some sort of 401k retirement program. Even if it was done in a regional sense the more organized we are the more prepared we can be therefore the more will get done!

Reason #2 It builds character

Building a bond means a learning experience is to be had and where there is growth rough patches will be present. Strength can only be accomplished with resistance lessons are learned with mistakes and a will to learn can make the world of difference.

Some of us put in more hours in shops than we spend at home with our loved ones, if we don’t take the time to iron out details without taking everything personal we leave space for bitterness, regret, and a career without resolve. To be able to have an open honest conversation for the sake of growth will become contagious and become a need in every relationship in our lives.

Our families may even thank us again!

Reason #1 What we work for

That leaves my number one reason for a barber bond and that would be OUR guest! That will rollover to all aspects of our lives we work by a code.

The whole goal of cutting hair is to create relationships with our customers so that they will bring their children to see us, and if we are blessed to have a long-lasting career we will create a bond to cut the grand kids as well.

Repeating customers mean we have built a book of steady support which is the plan for a prosperous career! If the income isn’t steady How can we survive? Sure flexible hours, and being creative, is nice but we need steady income to survive!

And once again our families will thank us.

To finish my thoughts

These beliefs are just where my thoughts go when I view the barber game as a whole. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t areas out there that are professional and united because I have witnessed true barber love. This is a view from a wider stance which may make me a nitpicker, but I as a whole we can do better.

I know this approach is miles off base with wishful thinking. There will always be a shop owner who doesn’t believe in growth, education, and fairness. Giving the help free rein to come in whenever. Do whatever and be as irresponsible as ever.

The support won’t be there no matter how much we don’t agree with approaches, or applications there will always be that person who feels the need to crap om it,

We’d be better off if this was the case, but no one is out for teaming up most are out to tear down! This was just my thoughts why U believe we SHOULD be a bond It won’t happen but I’m a dreamer!

If you agree leave a comment

Disagree? Give me your best reason why?

Shannon kamal

Stay positive, Stay sophisticated, keep grooming!

5 reasons why your barber/beauty shop should feature a professional product line

Hello friends, colleagues, and guest

The beauty industry is a Multi-Billion dollar industry projected to reach 445 billion dollars by 2020 if it hasn’t already. Beauty products are a necessity in every persons grooming regimen throughout the world. Everyone wants to look good and will stop at nothing to achieve this. If we took a look in every medicine cabinet here and abroad you’re going to find some sort of beauty product for the purposes to maintain, aid, or create a desired look. Here’s my 5 reasons why your shop should feature a professional product line.

Reason #1 Necessity

Your guest NEED it! Just like a dental check up is necessary to avoid dentures and extractions at a later date the same can be said about hair. The products you use today can preserve your color or prevent the damage that may occur from everyday life. Use good products or watch as the color fades, or watch as it begins to fall out later.

Professional products are a necessity to achieve the desired results and keep the hair in good health. Hair is composed of mainly a protein called Keratin that can compromised with different chemical processes that take place by request of the guest. Leaving the chemical composition compromised it will take the proper product to ensure it is bought back to full health.

Keeping the hair clean and conditioned is a good way to ensure your guest will return the same way he or she has left. Taking the time to analyze each persons head of hair to discover the daily routines, health issues, textures, state of hair will ensure you prescribe the proper maintenance routine.

Styling products can do more damage than good if they aren’t used properly or contain harmful ingredients making It important to stress that your guest use professional aids, and stay away from the drug stores.

Reason #2 Shows professionalism

Products in the retail area shows you are serious about hair care and you supply the needs of your customers. You wouldn’t go to a bait shop to find candy, or head to a pharmacy to find no medicines.

Hair care is your profession and the upkeep of hair begins and ends in your chair. I’ve seen time and time again stylist would send customers out to pick up product from a beauty supply that caters the public. It’s even worse to have the customer arrive with store bought chemical to use along with some bottom of the barrel irregular product purchased from a supermarket.

It may say redken but if it wasn’t purchased from a professional retailer that product is not redken!

Reason #3 Be different

Every barber shops cuts hair and every salon colors hair but what sets yours apart?

This will be determined by the featured product you carry. Make it exclusive and new to the area do your research in the trends and needs of your area. Depending on your demographic area you may be the only establishment to carry products at all.

Customer enjoying a pore clearing  peel off mask

How cool would it be to have exclusive product first in your area. With proper signage and decals for the windows this can lead to an increase of walk ins.People always want to be a part of something new and be one of the first to take part. Introducing the “Sophisticated Grooming Black mask” Discounted service for limited time only “leaving your skin refreshed and pores cleaned!”

That alone will raise curiosity and drive in that much needed foot traffic!

Reason #4 Keeps staff Learning

It is important to understand that frequent education is key for a fruitful styling business and career.

Keeping up with the times can only occur when you stay up on what’s new and relevant. New product should be introduced with the proper way to use it demonstrated by the distributor.

Product knowledge for the stylist is important for sales to effectively take place in your establishment. Product can’t be sold until you educate the guest on how to use it. Give them the information of the benefits they will feel empowered to maintain their style.

This will gain you that needed trust by the public to continue patronizing your establishment. With that you can assure a few new referrals will be on the way. Who doesn’t like referrals? The service model is to expand your base and grow for a profitable business, referrals are what we strive for.

Reason #5 More revenue to earn

A full register is the goalAbove all reasons as a shop owner this may be the most important. Retail sales = passive income! Properly marketed products can boost the average ticket price between 15-20%. There should not only be a retail area by reception but a selling point at each and every station for employees to make recommendations.

It’s a lot easier to make a sale when the product is in eyesight where it can be analyzed, sampled, and shown how to use. This will come with the proper prescription for the guest to purchase and continue use at home. Keep in mind that a prescription is a recommendation for product use at home. It doesn’t guarantee that they will purchase right away so it’s important to practice your pitch.

Remember to highlight the Pros of the product and why they will benefit from its features. The purchase may not be made then and there but you will leave an impression for the future, and leave the door open for a later sale.

To sum it up

Whether you have a Barber shop or Beauty salon professional products can be the difference maker when times get slow. They also can be used as leverage in packaged deals to entice people to spend especially during the holidays or other special times of the year.

“Get a free blow dry with the purchase of a 12oz shampoo & conditioner. or Free beard wash with the purchase of any beard product on display. The combinations are endless so get creative. You will find that even on you slowest of days you will have a steady stream of customers ready to spend money. Stay positive, Get creative, and Feature a professional product line!

Leave a comment below with your preferred product line and what you carry in your shop/salon, or plan to carry.

Shannon Kamal

Stay positive, Stay sophisticated, Keep grooming!