5 ways to tell if your career is going to the next level
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Working in the beauty field, it can be a task that requires patience, and persistence maybe even both. Starting from the bottom of the totem pole is the only way to begin, unless of course you are way beyond talented and start from the top right away. Seeing how that is usually not the case when entering the field, the goal is to always aim at getting to the next level. There is no clear cut path to the top, so anything I share will be solely based on my experience in the field. With many areas to examine we will begin to reveal the state of our career by asking. Do you have a vision? Are you recognized? Guest re booking? Do you offer hair care products? Are you referred? Let’s Take a deeper look into these 5 ways to tell if your career is going to the next level, or have you reached your plateau.

Your reach begins to expand

My motto is and will always be quality over quantity, However you will find that once your quality of work has increased so will you customer base. When you put your best into your work it will not go unnoticed and before you realize it the word will spread about your services. Pretty soon your book will grow and propel you into a new arena, and tax bracket.

Now when this happens it is important to work wise and be careful not to overwork your schedule or you will burn out and miss out on your harvest.

This is where your scheduling will have to become a must. Keep track of new customers and how often you get new people through the door. I find that if they have been referred to you by an existent guest then you should show appreciation and offer discounts for all who send heads your way.

This is a great way to build a reputation and actually give incentive to others that they may send heads your way also!

Your retail recommendations are working

Anyone can just cut hair as it doesn’t take much but practice and repetition to become decent. However, Hair care maintenance is what separates the professional from the amateur. Yes I said it! If you aren’t into hair care then you aren’t considered a pro in my humble opinion.

Natural elements (sun, earth, wind) can take a toll on the hair cuticle as well as our diets and daily activities. AS a professional we should be able to address these issues with solutions through product recommendations. The upkeep is not only good for the customer but it will keep your work in its optimal display at all times. As long as your recommendations are followed your work will last longer and promote your work as advertised.

Products are going to be used whether you push them or not so it’s best to ensure they are pushed properly. A proper hair analysis and consultation will reveal just what needs to be prescribed. Keep in mind that product prescriptions are a great way to earn a passive income even when you are slow!

Do you have any repeat customers?

If you don’t have repeat customers how will you ever make a real living? Your repeat customers keep the lights on along with food on your table. Like clock work you should know when Reggie is due to show up for his next service.

To stay ahead of the program you should encourage precooking. Before Reggie leaves he should be setting up his next service with room for a possible reschedule. Its easier to put yourself in line before you leave as opposed to waiting the day off to try to be squeezed in. Especially if you know your customer has a busy schedule and or hectic lifestyle.

There’s nothing worse than text messages and phone calls in the middle of services to try to book an appointment. Get your customers on a regular booking schedule and alleviate all guess work. Encourage guest to come back and treat your repeat customers to rewards. This will in part create more repeat customers.


Have you ever been standing out in public and you just hear your name from across the parking lot, or a horn honking at you? Hey don’t you cut hair over at the shop on (insert establishment here)?

When this happens your career is entering the next level, and the process will get a little scary but it’s a great feeling at the same time.

Some people will know you and you won’t have a clue to who they are. Just be ready with cards to hand out with a welcoming greeting to accompany. You are your biggest form of advertisement. Take advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand.

You only get one shot to leave an impression so make the most of it. You’re on stage always with everyone watching, do your best to stay ready to perform.

Is your direction clear?

As your career settles your vision begins to come clear as to what you want to achieve. The time of aimless working is over and you know exactly what you want to accomplish. You now have direction, and focus to smashing your goals. Do you want to open your own shop? Create your own product, teach, or do you just want to build a customer base that will secure your future.

The choice is yours and the opportunities are endless for professional licensed barbers. You will find that during this time everything and everyone will attempt to block your goals. These obstacles are only meant to teach you while making you stronger in your journey.

Anything worth having is will take time while facing adversity. Keep in mind that the higher you elevate your craft only you will be able to see your vision others aren’t flying as high so they can’t see what you are seeing. Stay the course with determination and focus. The time to stick with it is when things aren’t going so well this will show what you are made of.


What level are you at?

The level of your career doesn’t reach new heights until about 5 yrs into your practice. Now this doesn’t mean everyone will take this long it’s just a general rule to go by simply because many don’t last beyond the 2-3 yr waiting period to build a customer base. This is when doubt, fear, and impatience creeps in. You begin to believe you can’t make it or it’s just not worth it. I am here to tell you that the barber industry is soaring in revenues, and techniques. The question is will you be able to last and take part in the revenues.

Can you tell if your career is going to the next level? Set goals, and get yourself educated on what’s new in the world of beauty. Leave nothing up to chance get proactive on making things happen. Take your career to the next level with purpose and determination in your mind and heart.

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