Why is education imporant for a succesful career?
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I often wonder what life would be like if we as humans learned to walk and talk just to never have another learning experience again. Wouldn’t it be better to wake up with zero responsibility, no concerns, no need to be productive? Why is education so important? With these questions I began to think about my career. What good is my career if I don’t attempt to learn more? How can I be a Master if I don’t explore ALL areas of my field? That’s simple I wouldn’t be able to be a master, or I wouldn’t reach maximum potential. My thoughts on why education is important for growth, impact, profit and success in your career.

Key to growth is held in the sufficiency of light

Knowledge is defined as: Familiarity or conversance as with a particular subject of learning. Becoming more in tune with the subjects in front of us we will shed light on what is unknown. To be unknown you will be prepared for what will encounter throughout the life of your career.
The goal is to never cease finding light to shed on what we don’t know. The more education means we can keep up with the times and how styles and trends evolve.

Besides the more you know = the more you can do which means a higher yield of profit on the back end! Once you have learned it all you will no longer need to grow. Growing to the max should be every barber/ stylist dream!

The blind can’t lead the blind

Would it be fair to say that everyone can learn something from someone at any given time. To be of impact you should be willing to lead the person next to you with providing light on a dark situation.

Your knowledge is no good if no one else can learn from it. You’re only as good as those you have around you so be active on making an impact with sharing your education. Those that don’t have the knowledge should be mindful of not being misleading with information. If you don’t know how, can you direct others that also don’t know?

The blind cannot lead the blind.

Acquire more, give more, and earn more!

Nothing will ever stay the same in this lifetime. Everything evolves for the better or the worse, but in a barbers case the styles will always evolve or come back around. To be able to stay in the know we have to be educated in what’s up and coming.

If you stay ahead of the curve with constant education you will be able to keep up and introduce more to your guest list. Here is where you will get feedback from your customers furthering your education experience making you ready to get creative.

Not only does this help your creativity, but it creates a bond of trust with your customers. A stylist/barber that listens will rarely ever make a mistake or leave one unsatisfied. The more you know the more light you have giving you max potential for growth.

Finish Line

By now your career is coming to a close, I mean we can’t cut/style hair forever. What will you have left behind? Have you grown, made an impact, or made good money? If you can answer yes to any 3 of those you will have had a successful career.

Of course you will have to define your meaning of success. My thoughts of success is to have a major impact on the next generation of barbers. Getting them to learn how to save money, invest, become product driven, and be a service to your community. We shouldn’t just take from the community we work in but we should be a structure of support for the community we work in.

Whatever you decide please remember success isn’t really success if you’re the only one benefiting. Education is something we all can share and grow from. So, if you’e ever sat and wondered Why is education so important? I hope this can answer the question in some form of clarity for you.

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Shannon Kamal