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Welcome to Customer Rewards and Programs!

Ways to enjoy my services and save some money if things are tight

Tenth Cut Free Club

Self explanatory here! Get nine cuts And the 10th one on me.

Refer a friend credits

This is a Referral Program! Bring in one customer and receive $5 or 30% off whichever is higher amount. Ask for details! When your referral reaches that 5th service you receive 50% off your next ticket! When your referral’s 10th cut is reached free cuts for you both!

 College crew discounts

Show your valid school I.d and recieve a discount on these services and in store products.

Reg. Haircut $15

Style haircut $20

lineup $7

beard wash $10

wash cut n style $22

wet shave $15

Social Media sharer

Share 5 separate postings of my social media content across any platform( I;e Facebook, Instagram, etc..) and receive $5 of any service on the menu.

(discount cannot be used on discount days)