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What began as a rough road learning to style women’s hair blossomed into a confidence building accomplishment.

I completed a trade program and had tons of fun in the process. From not knowing if I can do it to practicing and never giving up was my attitude. What I lacked in talent was made up in discipline & practice.

Now this was no way easy there was a lot of fear to overcome. Fighting insecurities became a part of my program along with reading all i could about the theory. Thats what kept me afloat the ability to test in the 90 percentile on the first try.

I remember my classmates that were MUCH better with styling than me always asking for help. So it turned into an even exchange tutorship. It still was hard to overcome because I was awful! I remember days of wanting to quit because I was so bad. I would skip school if I felt I would be called to the floor to perform.

One day I decided to just go for it! Hey I was a student, if I messed up It wouldn’t have been the first time a student screwed up & I wouldn’t be the last! A 45 minute trim and an understanding guest was all it took to shake the fear. I remember her telling me that I should make my mistakes in school becaus it was a moment to learn what not to do next time. From then on I was hooked to styling!

I wasn’t the best but I was getting better, and with every mistake I learned something new.  With a background in customer service the job became natural. WIth knowledge in hair,skin, and nails I took pride in my work and look forward to service each and every guest.

That spilled into a career of educating others to take action with thier learning, Educating customers on hair maintenance, and educating myself on the latest.

With ten years of licensing under my belt I wish to service you soon. Thanks for stopping by!