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Beard washed using Scotch Porter
The scotch porter beard products under review

It’s 2019 and the beard has been gaining a lot of love over the years. From baseball players, entertainers, down to the average guy you will find the beard being sported. The way to a happy growth is found in routine maintenance of moisturizing, washing, and trimmings. I have stumbled upon scotch porter beard products to help keep the beard moisturized, and clean so later we’ll discuss ways to keep it trimmed. I came across this product through recommendation from a guest who thought I might like to add this to my collection of beard products. I love learning about new products that hit the scene so of course I was all over it. Scotch porter focuses on grooming for the man with products varying from the face, body, hair, shave, and beard. I will bring you more news on the other products, but today the focus will be on the scotch porter beard products. These products include a beard wash, Leave in beard conditioner, beard serum, and beard balm today I spent a little extra and purchased the limited CBD oil wash & conditioner They were only on sale for a limited time so I decided to grab it along with the regular special edition beard products. In this review we’ll find out the purpose, benefits, value, quality, and does it aid growth? Let’s begin..

What’s under review

Name of product: Scotch Porter

Who is the product for? Those that have or are growing beards

4 price points: $20 per bottle/ $70 Beard collection/ $94.99 Ultimate beard collection/ $99.99 Deluxe collection

Best place to buy

Rating: B+


Facial hair maintenance is often overlooked by men, and many don’t pay attention to the skin that’s underneath. Hair collects dirt, debris, and matter from the natural elements. It’s important to wash the dirt from the hair so that the face underneath can be free of all contaminants while keeping the hairs clean for a healthy growth.

The conditioner locks in the moisture needed to keep the beard from suffering from breakage and causing patches. With a regular routine, the leave in conditioner will give your beard some help with shine, softness, and management.

The serum and Balm is to help with styling your beard in the end. After a good wash and conditioner the serum offers added moisture along with nutrients to feed the beard with the nutrients needed to protect against the natural elements. The beard balm helps when you want to give the beard some shape or controlling fly aways giving you a much neater appearance.


Keeping a well maintained beard is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Most men will deal with dry, itchy, frizzy, and maybe even an uncontrollable beard. With this line of products you are not using a regular soap that has ingredients that will dry out the beard, and leave a frizzy look while you scratch all day long to satisfy the case of the itch.

The benefits of the wash and conditioner is to add moisture and proteins need to upkeep a soft beard eliminating the itch, and dryness caused by the body soaps most of us use. You will find with the serum and balm help your beard become less tangled meaning a lot less breakage. Less breakage means more growth!


“No Paraben, No Silicone, No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colors & Safe for Color Treated Hair.”

This product is made with ingredients designed to be used on facial hair that camouflages the Grey meaning just for men clients have no need to worry. Unlike other harsh washes, and shampoos the color won’t be compromised. With no silicone or paraben there will be nothing to coat the hair cuticle making them frizz up from one another, while eliminating petroleum & mineral oil that usually a great collector of dirt, and debris. YUCK!

Being bearded is more than just having a beard, it’s about grooming, taking proper care of your beard.

SCENT PROFILE: Masculine but floral blend of carnation, with subtle notes of sandalwood, powdery musk and spicy undertones.”

Another claim assuring that you won’t be drowned by fragrance which usually has a high alcohol content which can be drying which defeats the purpose if we are ADDING moisture. Light soft undertones are perfect to keep the misses happy when you bring her in for a quick love session. Less is more, and you will rack up some cookie points for what may be to come later.


Ok, now remember there are three price points for the beard collection.

  1. Beard collection Runs: @ $69.99 and comes with the Shampoo, Conditioner, Balm, and Serum which is a great price considering you are saving $10 if you bought all 4 separately. You can just purchase what you need separately, however best results are achieved when they are used together.
  2. Ultimate beard collection: Comes in at 94.99 where you receive all the beard collection with a boar bristle brush which is great for distributing oils, and a pocket comb to keep your design in place. This is designed for the guy who takes his appearance & growth more seriously where he wants to keep the hairs groomed neatly. This will suit those needs perfectly Leaving you a savings of $5 compared to purchasing them separately.
  3. Ultimate beard collection deluxe: Totals out at $99.99 It’s your beard collection alongside the facial products that S. P carries. This deal holds not much value because you can just buy the beard collection and then the facial cleanse line and pay the exact same amount. $99.99. We can’t totally overlook this package because the charcoal & licorice has great benefits of skin cell renewal, Blemish correction, and maintaining the skins P. H balance. While it doesn’t bring any savings it still comes with a specific set of benefits designed for those with dry skin issues.

For a complete skin diagnosis consult your PCP to schedule a visit with a dermatologist.

CLICK IMAGE BELOW to make a purchase!!

Scotch Porter

Does it make the beard grow?

I can’t speak with certainty to back that claim of promoting growth, however hair follicles can be stimulated to pro-long the growth phase of the beard. To help support that claim here’s a video on YouTube to explain that process.

As you can see there is nothing out there that can grow your beard there are ways to keep your beard in a growth phase for much longer. This is where the brush and pocket comb comes in handy to keep those cells stimulated.

My Final thoughts

Beards are becoming number one in today’s fashion, the maintenance should be s close strict number zero on the list or a close #2. Take a look around for the closest beard? How clean, moisturized, and neat does this beard look? When you take a look, and you recognize the face as a friend, or even yours. This would be the time to make the purchase for you and a friend, or maybe even both! Keep those beard healthy, and strong by getting your scotch porter beard collection.

While navigating the beard line you will see they have a host of other products designed for men. Such as body wash, shampoo & conditioner, candles, shave, and of course meat wipes!

These are my favorites because they come in handy when you’re in a rush leaving the gym, or just need to freshen up for the highlight of your day. whatever that may consist of add meat wipes to your order to stay prepared for the funkiest of situations. This makes the perfect gift for you or a friend Just click one of the banners above to make your purchase.


Shannon Kamal

An old school barbershop
How are you setting yourself apart?

With the new year just underway now is the time to evaluate the past year and figure out where you need to improve, or what you should keep doing. Every business should place the importance in getting bigger. The only way to ensure you will be open for years to come is to make sure your business Is growing. How much is your clientele on the rise, or are you servicing the same head over and over again. You’ll never be able to set up any type of retirement this way because you will never be able to get ahead in savings. Life happens and you have to take time for vacations so how much can yiu do without a growing business?

Taking on more work means we must begin marketing our skills for the public to come visit us for services. There are multiple ways in creating growth when building a book, and I’m sure you may have plenty ideas in doing so. Taking a look over my last year I asked myself… How are you setting yourself apart? My goal is to be better this upcoming year, and this is what I’ve come up with to do so. First I am going to take inventory, you don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Set some goals by breaking down the year into quarters giving yourself enough time to accomplish them. Goals without a plan are just dreams, the best way to achieve these can be done by writing out a plan. Leave a comment sharing with me the ways you will set yourself apart.

Evaluate your journey?

Take a look back on your year to examine the approach you have been taking to run your operation. What was your average of people you’ve seen on a weekly/monthly basis? Were there any increase of guest for services? Do you even keep a register to track the flow of traffic? If you aren’t keeping records then this is a clear indication that the next coming year a register will serve purpose to keep an eye on how many services are just being done. This will also reveal where your busy spots are compared to your slow spots, making it easier to pinpoint the best times to run specials, or offer discounts.

Are you selling retail products for your customers to purchase? Before leaving the site be sure to read the 5 reasons why you be featuring a professional product line in your shop. That article explains why you should be selling products on a regular basis.

Let’s assume you are already stocked with some sort of product in your retail case, and you are familiar with selling. What month were you a rock star/dud? Keep in mind that there will always be highs and lows with retail so find ways to market for a steady influx of sales.

Did you track your goals?

What were your goals If any at all? Without goals, you are aimlessly sailing at sea with no wind in your sails. Grab a calendar and break down the year into four quarters. From January to march that will be your first quarter. What do you want to accomplish in that first quarter?

Whatever that may be log it down in your calendar exactly where you want to complete this task. Get your campaign for Valentines day complete by the last week in January and ready to run by the first of February. If you go to any local drug store you will see the valentines’ setup already in motion. You should be doing the same with your approach get some packages together to begin promoting, and selling? This can actually begin to help grow your book which in turn will grow your savings.

Create a plan?

What are goals without a plan to reach them? Anything that isn’t written down can just be considered as a thought, or a Photo of a planning bookdream. Begin to create a daily task sheet to work on making your goals much easier to accomplish by taking consistent action on small jobs to complete that big job.

Here are some examples to look at…..

The goal is to add 5 new customers to your book by the end of the month (remember to aim high) your task sheet should contain:

  1. Pass out your card to 10 new people per day. This may require some footwork but that’s OK the reward will be well worth it.
  2. Come up with a referral program. Use your customers to bring in more customers by offering discounts to those who bringing a new referral
  3. Learn a new service to offer your guest. Sometimes all it takes is a new service to get a buzz going.

Can you think of any goals, you’d like to crush for 2019? What are they, and how do you plan to reach them? Leave your comment below!!

Stay consistent?

You can only get results by staying consistent, and working at reaching your goals every day will get you closer to the results you seek. The saying goes that the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line. Trust the process, and keep working towards what it is that you want to accomplish.

The only way Mr. Olympia can compete as a bodybuilder is by working out on a DAILY basis anytime he is slacking he will lose ground on the competition. Every day, you have to keep passing out cards, promoting your services, and completing all the work on your daily task sheet. Make sure you set the bar high to reach to ensure you are pushing yourself to your full potential.

Time management plays a huge role in consistency when trying to make your goals. Work on your goals early in the day so that you don’t run out of time leaving your sheet incomplete. Put down the Facebook, turn off the Maury, and leave the YouTube for later when your work is complete. Consistency is key to growing so keep moving forward to the finish line.

In closing

Its important to understand that people are entering the beauty field every day. And everyday someone is looking for a place to get groomed. What will you do to set yourself apart from those that you are in competition with? Will you start keeping track of the customers that enter your establishment? Create goals to accomplish this upcoming year setting the bar high, and pushing yourself to the limit. Create a plan to reach those goals, and consistently work on those goals. Use the different platforms out there to put yourself out there. Study the competition to find a way that you can be better at marketing and promotions. Social media platforms such as Facebook, or Instagram is a great way to do this making your marketing efforts a little easier, and a lot cheaper. The year is underway and what are you doing to set yourself apart? Leave your comments below with your plans to make this happen.

Blankman asking a question
Do you ever ask yourself, Why am i not successful? Here’s the reasons why you may not be!

Why am I not successful?

Whether you are a Barber or cosmetologist this article speaks to that person who stands behind the chair day in and day out, but have yet to find success. We all have different views of success we are working in an industry of production. So what are you producing when you show up to the shop. Are you booked from start to finish? Do you work well with your shop mates? Are you helpful? Promoting yourself? These things can have a direct result in how much success you can see in your career. You may not recognize where you sit on the scale of success. We’ll discuss how leaving early, lack of education. Not listening, afraid of risk taking, and a negative attitude can all have an impact on the success of your career.

Coming in early or Leaving late?

If you can do both then you are on the for sure path to success! If you can’t be there for the open of the shop that’s fine, but you should definitely be there for closing time. And vice versa be there early if you can’t stay late. Establish a rhythm of being A clock that reads 8 AMseen in the shop to give people an idea that you’re there to provide services. If you remember to NEVER swap the actions you will be fine!

If you’re asking yourself what does “swap the actions” mean? Well, let’s switch early and late and never find yourself coming in late and leaving early. Those two just can’t be the combination.

When building your career, shop hours matter the most because your talent can only get you so far. What time are you getting there, and what time are you leaving? Are you there when people get out of work or are you gone after lunch? I understand it’s slow, and no one is walking in, but you have to put in the hours because you never know when a crowd can show up.

It’s better to be available when needed than to be needed and not available.

Patience is a requirement that has to be met for success to flourish! It would be impossible to plant a garden on Tuesday morning just to come back Tuesday night expecting to see crops.

No education

Being in this industry I have found over the years individuals with a lot of logged shop hours believe that it’s just enough to have years under the belt. However, this is the furthest from the truth. I have a whole blog post on the importance of education in which you can read here. Your experience only means you’ve been working behind the chair for a while but your education will determine how far you will go working behind the chair.

Education may be on the top of the list to finding success because this particular industry is forever changing, and in order to be able to supply the demand we need to be current in our education. Techniques, styles, and new products aren’t the same as the yesteryear so if you can’t foil or fade with the same efficiency as the shop around the corner pretty soon you will find your book dwindling or in a stagnant place.

Customers look to us to be an expert in the area of beauty. We should never miss the opportunity to show our guest what is needed to fit their specific needs. If you’ve just performed a service that requires attention in between visits then it should be you who shares the information on how to keep up with the maintenance not YouTube.

Can’t take instructions

We all need direction in this line of work, and it doesn’t matter what stage of our career we are in. Active listening plays a huge role into meeting the expectations of our customers. During the consultation we need to discover what it is that can or cannot be done. What it is they like or dislike!

Your customer just explained how the razor can only be used on the front hairline and NO where else on the face. When the time comes to clean up your outline you have to do as instructed, if not you may have just opened yourself up for major confrontation.

Suzanne has been using a product on her eyelids that contains retinal for anti-aging and this could leave her skin too thin for hot wax. Once you use the wax and peel a layer of skin off it would be too late by then to ask why this happened! You have now just opened yourself up to lawsuits.

If you can’t take simple instructions given then there will be more times than not you will find yourself in serious troubles.

Afraid to take risk

Now before you go jumping off the deep end taking risk in the shop please understand what it is that I mean by risk. Are you challenging yourself? These are the only risk that are safe in the shop. If you know you aren’t the best at blow-drying you’ll never get there if you don’t push yourself to begin blow-drying.

You could be in the barbershop and someone comes in and ask for a design, but you know that’s not your strong suit. There is nothing wrong with trying. Just be sure to let the person know that you aren’t that great at it, but you will do your best given the opportunity. If you are given the green light make sure you stick with a simple design before trying an elaborate one.

Don’t be afraid to take your craft to the next level by jumping in on services you aren’t great at! On your down time hit the streets and find someone who may want a free service that you may practice. It’s a risk to take asking a total stranger for help especially when it involves their appearance. However, taking no risk will yield no reward!

Negative attitude

This trait is one that will stifle the best of any artist. You must maintain a level of positivity whether it is making sure to keep up the morale of the shop, or keeping focus on becoming a better professional. The shop doesn’t need to be divided with groups amongst you. A shop should never be divided or the guest will feel that tension, and a shop full of tension may lead to guest feeling uncomfortable. One person feeling uncomfortable in a place where they should relax is too many.

It may be a slow season for you right now, but that’s no reason to get down on yourself every business has highs and lows. Stay positive, and keep pushing through the slow times. This is the time to begin pushing yourself, and hitting the streets with your cards. Start making promotions to get people through the door make a happy hour during after work hours when services are discounted or add extra services for guest to enjoy.

You may even be impacting your growth because you’re just too hard on yourself. You’re doing way better than you think you are. Don’t hold onto the bad with every mistake made use it as a learning experience for tomorrow. In fact read my post on how  you will build wisdom by learning through your mistakes.  Acknowledge the things you do well, and work on the things you need to do better. With persistence, you will turn the corner to success by keeping positive it will be much easier to stand the test of the slow times. It may get tough, but keep your head UP!

Finally, in closing

Your success totally sits square on your shoulders with no one to blame but yourself if you fail to succeed. It doesn’t take much to put in practice these simple steps. Come in to work ready to put in a full day, if you must leave early make sure to be there early. Planning to sleep a little extra in the morning plan to stay late until the shop closes. Put in quality shop hours with Affirmation that success is aheadthe mentality to be ready for the day.

Keep education a top priority for years to come. Never let the times change without knowing what it has changed to. Google is a great place to find where education is happening. If you aren’t able to travel far just search Beauty/Barber expos near me, and here you will find the closest area to gain some education.

Be an active listener when your guest is talking it is not enough to just hear them but listen to what they are saying, and if by any chance you can’t understand what is being said ask questions to gain clarification. By doing this people will gain more trust in you as someone who really wants to pay attention to detail so mistakes can be limited.

Take those risk of course they should be calculated risk never work where you are not informed of a service because you can do more harm than good. However, once you find yourself educated act on what was learned and push yourself to those limits you thought you’d never go.

Stay positive ALWAYS!! Don’t be a trouble maker, don’t keep trouble going, respect all that you encounter, and most importantly give yourself some credit. You are more valuable than you believe, and have more to give if you just keep on learning, pushing, and attacking your goals to be a successful grooming professional.

Have you found yourself in any of these categories? I know I have that’s why I can confidently say you will find success once you begin to practice being better in these areas. Leave a comment letting me know where you can improve your habits, and what area are you most weak?

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you find the value to become a successful pro!

Shannon Kamal

My clipper wires are always tangled! Can the omnicord help? Here’s what I found…

⇒If there is one thing that is the most annoying when it comes to cutting Looking at a tangled clipper wirehair it is having your clipper wires tangle so much that it’s another job in itself to untangle them. No matter how much you try to keep the clippers organized it seems like the electricity attracts each other and the wrapping game happens. Where one wire tangles with another wire just so those wires tangle with the rest of the wires. ugh it’s so annoying because the weight can sometimes pull the plug from the sockets. It gives your station a very disorganized look, and I’m not sure if there is any link to this but I feel like it is damaging to my cords. I’m not sure how many cords I’ve replaced over the years, but it feels like it’s more than I’d like to. Well thanks to this thoughtful invention the solution may finally be here! I introduce to you The omnicord clipper adapter system! Well just omnicord I just added the “clipper adapter system” to make it sound cooler! Now that we’ve found what may be the answer to the problem. Let’s test the product out and see if it’s worth the hassle, or should you just switch over to a cordless clipper system? Well let’s find out In this review as I will share my findings of the products practicality, ease of use, pros, cons, and value! Let’s cross our fingers in hopes it is an option to handle the messy wire epidemic that plagues so many barbers.


About omnicord?

It looks like the company Is located from out of Dacula, GA and states on the website that “omnicord looks to introduce innovative products to help barbers and stylist provide excellent services to guest by improving/upgrading clippers, trimmers, and other related products.”

Omnicord claims no affiliation with any of the clipper brands that are used in the field. So any swapping out of the cords may void any manufacturer warranty. Don’t quote me on that as I have to look that up to be certain, but it would be safe to say that the company would void any warranty of the tool when the original parts are compromised.

There is no clear time posted confirming the date of when the product was born. So I’ll give you my guesstimate to be around 2016! Which was just around the time I began seeing one or two hookups like this. The adapters are made for most of your major brand clippers making it safe to say all clippers can be used. As majority of the industry use those brand of clippers.

How much does it cost?

The pricing I found to be very reasonable for this product and its value. The frustration from the case of the tangled wires are finally over. SO here’s the rundown of the pricing.

You’ll need to purchase the Power cord which has two price point $40 for a designer cord which is just a colored cord & $30 for a regular black cord. As you can see I purchased the black because I didn’t need the color. The actual clipper adapters are $15/per. I purchased 1 cord and 4 adapters bringing my total to $90 which is about the price of one cordless tool.

With that low price tag it should be easy for one to swap out the clutter for a more stress free work station. The best place to purchase your adapters is bu clicking the link below.

<===/ Click here to order your omnicord adapters/===>

How does the omnicord work?

The focus is to replace the numerous power cords that come from your clipper collection by giving you one cord for power supply, and cords equipped with adapters to hook up to the main power supply. This is achieved by removing your factory wires then connecting your new adapter wires that is attached to the power supply. There is a little clip that connects the two new wires, and then bam there you are a setup with no more messy wires.

Don’t worry I know that may have been a little confusing, but I promise you that it will make perfect sense as you keep reading this review. The hookup doesn’t decrease the power of your tools nor does it take forever to make the change to the new cords. It took me half hour to connect my first clipper but with the last 3 sets of tools I was able to complete the swap in about 10-15 minutes.

That’s how they work now let’s move on to the benefits and drawbacks.


Perfection only exist where satisfaction is met! Even then we are left with areas of letdown. Leaving us with the Pros and the cons to hash out. So what are they?


  1. rids tangled wiresThe omnicord hooked up to the clippers tucked away neatly in a drawer
  2. less cluttered drawers
  3. easy to travel with
  4. Not expensive
  5. easy to install
  6. No need to buy wireless clippers


  1. Turns factory cords obsolete
  2. Wire plug stop is a little too big for oster 76 machinePicture highlighting how big the wire stop can be
  3. You have to disconnect from one clipper to another

That’s it! For me the benefits outweigh the drawbacks pretty heavily. The wire plug stop (the name I gave it) didn’t prevent the connection as it just made the screw that tightens the power switch unable to screw ALL the way on. I can live with that!

Cordless clippers are on the rise so getting rid of clutter can be done this route as well, but if you don’t have the means to start over, or just because you like the steady power the omnicord adapter would be a great investment. Especially if you are annoyed with the clutter as much as I was.

In closing

Question: What is the issue?

Answer: Tangled cords and messy stations.

From my experience I can tell you that this product has solved the issue of the tangled wires.

Giving this product 9 out of 10!……..I approve

Omnicord does what it sets out to do I can say that I am more than pleased with this technological advancement. Cordless clippers are making A run and I know it won’t be long before I have a full set of cordless clippers. However, Until then I appreciate the chance to still have my direct current clippers without the confusion that it brings. After operating with this adapter I realize the swapping of the clippers taking 2 -3 seconds isn’t compared to the hassle of untangling cords with every time I pick up my clippers. I would have to recommend you try this product out letting you concentrate on performance and not tangled wires.

Link to order the omnicord==>Click here to purchase your omnicord <==